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Section 2-Around the Net in Search: Targeting, Longer Queries Driving Down Search

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Yahoo, MSN Get Slapped With FTC Restraining Order
A federal court issued a restraining order against Yahoo, MSN, AllTheWeb and Altavista to prevent the search engines from allowing mortgage finance scammers to use a government URL in sponsored search results, according to Jason Lee Miller.

Miller points to a link that redirects homeowners who seek information on President Obama's Making Home Affordable program. The sponsored links in search result pages appear to lead to the United States government's makinghomeafforable.gov, but really take redirect searchers to sites that offer paid loan modification services. - Read the whole story...

Microsoft adCenter Releases Updates
PPC Hero
Microsoft has released a series of adCenter upgrades that aim to provide more control for the targeting, bidding, and distribution of advertising campaigns. Marketers can apply customer targeting and incremental bids for the entire campaign at the campaign level, and then refine targeting at the ad group level, for example.

John summarizes the changes and tells us Microsoft also has improved keyword research tools, Account Management, adCenter Desktop, and Content Ads in the United States only. While Microsoft has worked to deliver new features, the updates simply bring adCenter up-to-date with Google AdWords, he writes. - Read the whole story...

Gaining Velocity To Make Things Happen
Howie Jacobson provides food for thought to get online businesses moving faster. He begins by telling us the most interesting transformation that happened to the bicycle was the length of time it took for someone to put wheels on it. But once they were invented and put on the bike, wheels helped build velocity, which changed everything.

Similar to putting wheels on a bicycle, when volume, velocity and quality of traffic increase on a Web site, lots of things change. Jacobson writes that "if you're getting 20 leads a week from AdWords, it's hard to imagine what 200 leads a week would look like," but without that velocity, business can feel as though they are at a standstill. - Read the whole story...

Targeting, Longer Queries Driving Down Search
For those who didn't attend MediaPost's Search Insider Summit in Captiva, here are tidbits from the keynote by comScore's Gian Fulgoni. While the number of search queries continues to climb, paid clicks have risen at a much slower rate. (Google has said targeted search will drive down the number of queries, but expects the ability to target consumers with specific ads will drive up sales.)

Aside from targeting, comScore data shows search queries are getting longer and as searchers become more experienced they use more words to gain information in fewer queries. Fulgoni writes that this apparently reduces the likelihood that advertisers will bid to have their ad included in the results page from these longer queries, due to paid search advertising strategies that limit ad coverage, such as Exact Match, Negative Match, and bid management software campaign optimization. - Read the whole story...

PPC Industry Becoming Cutthroat
SEO Book
Click fraud could be one reason businesses are shifting from paid search to search engine optimization (SEO), according to Aaron Wall. He shares his own experience. About a month ago he cleaned out some of the spammy sites from his content targeted ads to find abnormally high clickthrough rates, and PageRank 2 search engines he had never heard of before.

Wall believes the rise in click fraud has led Google to change its policy on trademarks. The changes allow advertisers to use branded keyword from partners in ad copy in the United States. He makes the point that companies can't possibly police all the shady ads that Google will deliver on the contact network. So, an alternative would be to outbid everyone else to retain the brand equity the company already built. A series of charts, graphs and quotes from industry leaders emphasize Wall's point. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Tuesday, May 19, 2009


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