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Section 2-Around the Net in Search: Setting Clients' SEO Expectations

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Yahoo Unveils 3 Targeting Tools
Yahoo Search Marketing Blog
Yahoo has added three new targeting features -- demographic targeting, ad scheduling, and enhanced ZIP-level geo-targeting -- to give marketers more control of "sponsored search" campaigns. These tools will let marketers target specific audiences on Yahoo sites for both Sponsored Search and Content Match, explains Jeff Sweat.

"If you can get an ad more frequently in front of the people you want to see it, who are disposed to respond favorably to it, it's likely to give you a better return on investment," Sweat writes. - Read the whole story...

SEO's Role In Universal Search
Web Pro News
From PubCon South in Austin, Texas, Abby Johnson interviews Amanda Watlington to get her views on Universal search and the impact it will have on SEO. Watlington calls it "a game changer" because it will force SEO experts to expand their skills and think "outside the site." They will need to consider the effects posts on Twitter, YouTube and other social network sites will have on their branded site.

Watlington said SEO experts have become much more closely involved in search marketing efforts. In the early days, SEO experts worked closely with IT and marketing departments, but now they also are required to work with videographers and people in public relations. "Rather than a brilliant soloist, they need to be more like a symphony conductor," she said. - Read the whole story...

Setting Clients' SEO Expectations
Search Engine Watch
Managing client expectations for what success means in an SEO campaign is a vital but difficult task, says Mark Jackson in his case study of a disappointed client. Jackson was careful to itemize all the tasks his company would do beforehand, as well as explain what the client had to do himself, like maximize the copy on his Web site. Still, because the client failed to rank on several competitive keywords, he said the SEO firm had done "nothing."

Jackson runs the numbers and concludes that "Their investment was worth every penny," especially since the client had almost gone out of business and was now expanding.

"I'm sharing this with you, dear readers, because I'm certain that many of you have faced similar circumstances," writes Jackson. "It's very possible (likely?) that we won't be working with this client much longer (if we can't get on the same page)." - Read the whole story...

Building A Reputation-Monitoring Dashboard For Free
It's the job of the SEO expert to monitor relevant client content that ranges from brands and products, to C-level executive names, intent phrases and competitors' keywords. So, Marty Weintraub show you how to build a "reputation monitoring dashboard" to monitor your clients' reputation. He writes, "You'll be able to easily build a tool where nobody can even whisper your business keywords, in a positive or negative light, without your awareness."

It all starts with Google Alerts. Add some SERP notifications by RSS feeds and you're on your way. Weintraub tells you how to monitor any newly indexed Google keyword "from the comfort of your favorite feed reader." While his long and detailed tutorial relies on free Google products, you can accomplish the same task with other tools and services such as Twitter. And if you don't mind paying for the tools, there are industry-standard tools with lots of cool features that monitor reputations, he writes. - Read the whole story...

A Tale Of Reciprocal Link Cloaking
Avvo Blog
Warning potential clients to hire reputable SEO experts, Conrad Saam takes us through a scenario of less-than-kosher SEO tactics -- "reciprocal link cloaking" that relies on a cookie. In this example, he received an email that said "I am trying to add as many informative Web sites as possible to my site, which in turn will benefit my users."

Several "red flags" set off warning signals as Saam read through the email. "The point here is not to warn you against link exchanges with [the specific company mentioned], but to encourage you to be very, very careful when selecting an SEO consultant," he writes. "This can be a highly confusing, technical game and there are some dirty players out there. It can be very difficult to identify a reputable, cutting edge consultant." - Read the whole story...

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