Thursday, November 13, 2008

Section 2: Around the Net in Search Marketing

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Hunting For SEM Keywords In Top Searchable Domain Names
Base One Search
Mathias Ahlgren explains how to find available domain names that contain the keywords people search for most. Finding and registering these names can bring in organic traffic and make excellent landing pages. Ahlgren suggests using them to build or redirect links, too.

Ahlegren steps you through the process. He offers up tips on using the Google AdWords keyword tool and a "bulk whois checker" to find the most searchable words. Relying on this process, he found the available domain names, "most powerful laptop," gets 1000 exact searches, and, "best budget laptop," receives 590 exact searches on Google monthly. - Read the whole story...

PPC Tips Increase SEM ROI
Microsoft adCenter
Advertise on multiple search engines, duplicate ads across multiple sites to increase awareness, combine multi-search approaches to improve clicks and return on investments -- and always remember that consumer behavior reflects economic trends. These were the akeaways from a panel Mel Carson attended this week at Pubcon in Las Vegas.

Carson encapsulates the panel discussion in the blog post, adding SEM tips provided by Doug Stotland from the adCenter team. Stotland points toward adapting and adopting to market changes, improving CTR that can increase volume and lower your CPCs, and building out capabilities to capitalize on new SEO innovations. - Read the whole story...

Have You Done SEO Prep Work?
Small Business Search Marketing
If you are a fly-by-the-seat-of your-pants type of person, you might want to set some rules for a successful SEO campaign even before you begin building or rebuilding your site. For starters, determine the problems the SEO campaign will solve. Set goals, establish a team, identify your audience, choose strategy and tactics, measure results, and adjust and repeat. These are the steps to a successful campaign, according to Matt McGee.

McGee suggests one goals might be increasing organic traffic. No matter the goal, it all boils down to preparation and planning. "As the saying goes, luck happens when preparation meets opportunity," McGee writes. "Real success, real accomplishment is always the result of careful planning and preparation," which means creating a plan and then executing it. - Read the whole story...

Google's SEO Beginners Guide
Google Webmaster Central Blog
Google has published an "SEO Starter Guide" to answer some of the questions you may have about search engine optimization. The compact guide list some best practices that the Google team and many webmasters follow to improve their sites' "crawlability and indexing."

The 22-page guide steps through about a dozen optimization topics, such as improving titles and descriptions meta tags, URL structure, site navigation, and content creation. On the last page you will find a list of links, as well as helpful resources in case you get stuck, including tips on hiring an SEO, so you don't go it alone. - Read the whole story...

What If Apple Acquired Yahoo?
Search Engine Journal
Though Apple and Google have long had close ties, they're about to become more competitive with each other, with Google's Android positioned against the iPod globally, and rumors of Apple working on search products. Loren Baker contemplates whether an Apple/Google split would mean that Apple acquires Yahoo.

As Baker points out, an Apple/Yahoo acquisition could have all kinds of product synergies, such as Yahoo OneSearch on the iPhone, as well as an easy integration of Yahoo's SearchMonkey into the iPhone app store. The post does a lot of dreaming and speculation in its analysis of a possible Apple Yahoo acquisition. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Thursday, November 13, 2008


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