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Section 2-Around the Net in Search: Video Search Basics

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Video Search Basics
Search Engine Watch
Launching and tracking video results on YouTube, MetaCafe, Viddler, Revver and Vimeo takes work, but Ron Jones explains how TubeMogul makes the process of following campaigns on multiple sites much easier. He provides recommendations on distribution and keyword placement, and tracking and analytics.

Include the details when setting up titles and tags, according to Jones. Descriptions should tap into a set of top keywords. The 200-character description should provide enough room to include the landing page URL. And don't forget the "http://" -- because most of the sites you submit your video to will include your description, which will include the URL. - Read the whole story...

6 Effective Habits For PPC Managers
NVI Solutions
Persistence, creativity and discipline create an effective pay per click (PPC) manager. Here are six positive habits to adopt that can help you build strength in campaigns to meet business goals. Some include growing keyword lists, tapping into Web analytics and keeping an eye on the competition.

One habit suggests lots of "testing and tweaking." A video in the post demonstrates the process of migrating data from Google AdWords into an Excel pivot table to summarize and analyze information. A pivot table can provide a visual representation of the aggregate performance of the same ad across multiple campaigns. - Read the whole story...

How Display & Search Work Together
Havas Digital and Yahoo have announced a measurement system that tracks how conversions happen when combining display advertising and search, according to Sean Carton. The tool demonstrates that combining display and search has a significant impact on conversions in a measurable way. It also confirms that reducing the amount spent on display to boot search may have a negative effect on conversions.

Carton provides guidance on fitting both into a campaign that builds awareness and drives sales. He reminds us that marketing strategies often ignore the fact consumers likely first heard about the product in a TV spot while watching their favorite show. They may have read the print ad during morning coffee or heard a radio ad in the car on the way to work. - Read the whole story...

PPC ROI Calculator Forecasts Results, Offers Options
Search Engine Journal
Fuel Interactive has created a PPC ROI Calculator to forecast return on investments. Brian Carter writes that the tool calculates metrics to see how to increase ROI. He steps through the process of how to forecast PPC ROI and optimize spend. Start by gathering monthly ad spend, conversion rate, cost per click and average sale. Enter these metrics into the PPC ROI Calculator and hit "calculate."

Carter explains how the tool lets you play with the values to see how to "realistically" increase returns. Some things to consider include benchmarking other businesses doing PPC in the same vertical to compare CPCs. If you don't allocate budgets to the keywords that are both low CPC and high ROI, consider moving them into their own campaigns so you can. - Read the whole story...

Crazy Eddie Sells Links
Ranked Hard
The May SEO comic looks at the concept of link buying and Google's sporadic approach to either stop, or slow, the purchase of link buying. At Crazy Eddie's Link Emporium SEO professionals can buy links. He sells them cheap--25,000 back links for $19.95. But that's not all. Call now and get a link checker for free.

While it appears Google is against buying links, the comic strip suggests company execs making the rules understand the financial rewards of selling links. After all, "Google has been caught selling links more than once." The rewards from buying links can range from higher search rankings and more customers, to increased sales and profits. But the post asks if "link buying is really being stamped out by the big G, then why does it dominate the search rankings?" - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Monday, June 8, 2009


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