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Section 2-Around the Net in Search: PPC Counting As Organic Backlinks

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PageRank For People
Three Minds
Marshall Clark calls Google's PageRank system "old tech" and believes Google needs to evolve the process to take into account who wrote the content, not just where it lives.

Clark believes the solution resides in associating reputation with the identity of the author. He calls it "PageRank for People," and makes a list of criteria the algorithm would consider when ranking. For instance, it might consider previous ratings, reputation of each rater, where the person has been published, length of time online, and perhaps a semantic analysis of the content. - Read the whole story...

8 Tips For Domain Diversity
Consider linkbait, widgets, and keywords in URLs when trying to increase the diversity of backlink profiles in domains, according to Rob Ousbey. Sometimes the difficulty of finding links is compounded after realizing you should build them using anchor text of terms that rank.

For example, create something cool people want to embed on their site. Badges and widgets don't fall under Ousbey's description of linkbait, but they typically provide some sort of value to the page. Links included in them take the form of a "credit" that doesn't need to be followed by a user. - Read the whole story...

Google Adds AdWords Tracking Data
PPC Hero
Those who have migrated to the new Google AdWords interface have probably noticed additional conversion tracking columns in the stats. Joe provides Google's textbook definition and outlines the difference between metrics, many-per-click data vs. one-per-click data, and what it all means.

To further emphasis the difference, Joe describes a scenario about Jane running a hiking Web site. Her free newsletter offers hiking tips and information, and a selection of products and gifts. When users come to the Web site to sign up for the newsletter, AdWords will register the conversion as one-per-click. - Read the whole story...

Who Killed Social Media?
"SEO or SEM, in my opinion, will be dead as you know it within 6 months," words uttered by Tony Welch that set off a discussion that dominated a panel on Who Killed Social Media? It's not a new revelation, just a fact, he writes. It's not difficult to see the direction and impact of the social Web on search. Tony points to Google's decision to pay more attention to the social Web as a confirmation that people rely much more on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, YouTube and Twitter to get up-to-the-minutes news and community reaction. Think of a search engine that doesn't consider content or words on the page, but takes into account consensus and sentiment. "And then think about a search engine that allows the community to vote down (or up) your corporate website in the results," he writes. "Are you thinking?" - Read the whole story...

PPC Counting As Organic Backlinks
Search Engine Land
Paid search really can affect organic search rankings, according to Mark Jackson. He points to a client, Bluegreen Communities, to demonstrate how backlink anchor text had been optimized without requesting links to the keywords. Previously, Jackson had thought there was no direct correlation between editorial rankings and paid advertisements, but perhaps Google left a hole unplugged.

It appears that Google's has been increasingly crawling at crawling JavaScript links on Web sites. Before that, JavaScript links hadn't created problems because they were not considered links. It has caused many PPC ads on Google's content network to show up as backlinks. If Google doesn't fix the problem, PPC marketers will be able to exploit paid ads for SEO rankings. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Wednesday, June 10, 2009


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