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Section 2-Around the Net in Search: Google Tracker Ties To 88% of Top 100 Domains

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Overcome Risks To Restructuring Web Sites
Search Engine Watch
Yes, there are challenges to restructuring a Web site. When not done correctly, popular sites risk losing visitors among invalid bookmarked pages, broken links from other Web sites, and queries for pages that no longer exist. But Eric Enge believes the proper use of 301 redirects can mitigate risks. He writes that success requires knowing how to map the content from the new site to the old, and building a 301 redirect map that thoroughly links from the old to the new.

Enge provides insight on how to prioritize the transition. He suggests starting with Web analytics tool to identify the top pages receiving traffic. Google Webmaster Tools can provide a list of external links to identify all pages that have received external links, and Yahoo Site Explorer can help identify the top pages listed. - Read the whole story...

Forbes Survey Shows SEO Boosts Conversions
Companies are trying to make the most of marketing dollars. A study released by Forbes suggests 40% of respondents intend to increase budgets for search engine optimization, while 42% intend to funnel digital media dollars increasingly to viral marketing. The research also shows 82% of companies use conversion or sales data to measure the success of online marketing campaigns.

SEO, pay-per-click and e-mail campaigns were seen as the top three most effective tools to gain conversions, while ad networks and video ads were cited as least effective. - Read the whole story...

Bid Management To Improve PPC Performance
PPC Hero
Andrew provides yet another way to improve pay-per-click (PPC) performance through managing bids. Calling it a "critical tactic" to improve mature campaigns, he writes that with proper execution and attention to detail, an alternative bidding strategy can drive up return on investments.

Andrew suggests starting the test on a specific day and waiting until the following week to check results. Consider initiating the tests at the beginning of the month to help create a review cycle. He also believes it's important to focus on keywords that generate a lot of traffic. Accumulating large amounts of data from the traffic provide insight to make better bid management performance decisions for PPC campaigns. - Read the whole story...

7 Tips To Measure SEO
MarketingSherpa has outlined seven tactics to help measure the impact SEO has on Web sites, complete with advice for monitoring metrics, managing timing, and deciding when to dig deeper into the data. Interviews with execs from Omniture and Range Online Media provide insight into gauging the influences of an uptick after SEO practices are put in place.

Among the tactics MarketingSherpa suggests: Separate branded from non-branded keywords, build calendars, tie keywords to key performance indicators, measure offline conversations, and compare search metrics to your total site's performance. - Read the whole story...

Google Tracker Ties To 88% of Top 100 Domains
Search Engine Land
Graduate students at the University of California at Berkeley published a privacy study that shows Google leads in tracker technology on the top 100 Web domains, followed by DoubleClick and Microsoft Atlas, according to Barry Schwartz. A couple of charts demonstrate the mix.

The study, conducted in March by students at the School of Information, suggests Google's is present on 88% of the top 100 domains. The presence of tracker technology doesn't mean users are tracked from one site to the next. - Read the whole story...

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