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Section 2-Around the Net in Search: Focusing On Facebook Paid Advertising

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Focusing On Facebook Paid Advertising
Straight Up Search
Marketers focusing on paid advertising in Facebook will want to generate more fans on the page. Leah believes ads with images tend to have better click-through rates (CTRs), compared with ads that do not.

Facebook CTRs are already very low compared with Google AdWords search network ads, so don't let CTRs become the main gauge to monitor a campaign's success, Leah writes. Once ads are created, check Social Actions that draw a connection between the user and the ad through friends. For example, if your friend became a "Fan" of Papa John's Facebook page, you would receive a notification of her becoming a fan. - Read the whole story...

Search, Email Marketing Strategies
Inside CRM
Marketers should test projects, invest in landing pages to maximize marketing spend, and integrate messaging strategies based on both search engine marketing and email data. These three tips from Ram Krishnamurthy and Brad Neelan are just part of their five suggested strategies for driving return on investments in search and email marketing.

Krishnamurthy and Neelan also suggest paying close attention to keyword search terms to understanding customers better. They write that analyzing data both from online and offline campaigns provides a "holistic view" and lets companies better drive targeted email communications and marketing offers. - Read the whole story...

Keys To Controlling Back Links
Search Engine Journal
Alan Bleiweiss has put together a detailed guide on leveraging niche sites and building a solid back-link strategy. He believes it's better to have content split up among multiple Web sites -- like several micro sites that all feed traffic into one very large Web site (or vice versa). He explains this multi-site strategy can pay off big, because it's a great way to control back-link numbers.

Since proper planning can help prevent poor performance, Bleiweiss provides a long list of key considerations that SEO professionals and marketers need to think through. Among those, Bleiweiss suggests getting buy-in from key executives who make the decisions, consider automating some functions, and figure out how much time and cost the company should commit. - Read the whole story...

What Bounce Rates Really Mean
Search Engine Guide
David Carberry explains that bounce rates are measured not by the length of time spent on the site, but rather by whether or not visitors move on to another page within the site.

Carberry serves up numerous reasons for visitors jumping ship and ways to identify the problems through Web analytics. He points to poor Web site design and improper use of SEO and paid search campaigns as possible contributors to a high bounce-rate problem. He also suggests paying attention to entry points from search engines or referrals into the site, which could help drive more traffic. - Read the whole story...

Google Releases New AdWords Editor
Google AdWords
Google released a new version of AdWords Editor, version 7.5.1, for Windows and Mac. Austin Rachlin writes that the latest version can save time by allowing the user to download or update select campaigns.

Among the changes meant to streamline processes, are the ability to import CSV files in AdWords Editor, and the ability to quickly pinpoint keywords most relevant to the account through the "Search-based keywords" tab. Other changes to the Keyword Opportunities tool aim to make it easier to manage keyword data. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Tuesday, June 2, 2009


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