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Section 2-Around the Net in Search: Data-Driven SEO To Support Long-Term Projects

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Hazardous Search Terms
IT Pro
SEO professionals might want to choose keyword search terms more wisely. A McAfee report analyzed risks from searching on more than 2,600 popular keywords in 2008. It turns out globally, "free," "screensavers," and "lyrics" and "Bebo" are most likely to contain malware.

The study suggests "screensavers" was a risky term last year, with six out of 10 search results containing malware, while the keyword "lyrics" had a risk factor of one in two. Searchers clicking on the word "free" had a 21.3% chance of encountering an infected Web site. Among the top terms in Britain that led to malware-laced sites were "Bebo," "Hotmail," "Yahoo Mail," "YouTube" and "iPhone." - Read the whole story...

Bing Teaches Discovery
Digital Sea Change
Aaron Goldman shares some thoughts on Microsoft's new "decision engine," Bing. While several search engines have already been labeled "Google-killer," it's important to note these engines have attributes that could complement instead of send Google packing or reverse its dominance in search.

Goldman does, however, point to several Bing features that outshine Google's. Take, for example, video and image search, as well as verticals like entertainment, travel, auto, sports, and, dare I say, news and shopping. The real differentiator becomes the image on the homepage. With a click it leads the searcher to more information about the subject, as well as commercial information. - Read the whole story...

Optimize For Video Search
Search Engine Watch
Those optimizing video search should focus on keyword research, landing pages, tracking and analytics, along with other traditional SEO best practices, according to Ron Jones.

Jones believes optimization begins long before producing the video. Identify keywords and phrases before getting started. Jones points out that some search engines have the technology to convert speech to text and then index the results. Marketers should use those keywords in the title, description of the video, file name and URL whenever possible. - Read the whole story...

Acquisio Delivers PPC Bid Rule Management
Search Engine Journal
Professional-looking reports, the ability to work across multiple search engines, and quick optimization of campaign results are some benefits small-to-midsize companies can gain from Acquisio's new PPC bid rule management tool, according to Brian Carter.

Carter summarizes a handful of features in the tool such as the ability to log all changes and allow you to roll back to specific dates in the process when projects get sidetracked. Acquisio also lets users simulate changes or approve optimizations with the bid rule tool before taking them live. - Read the whole story...

Data-Driven SEO To Support Long-Term Projects
Search Engine Land
Track traffic, value and opportunity in data to build out a long-lasting SEO program because once you're given the "green light to proceed" with a project you will need the numbers to support the bottom line. If you can't prove the project's worth, David Roth said it will "die a quick and quiet death."

His advice: Put in place some Web analytics to determine how much profit projects drive into companies and where to invest additional dollars. Roth also spends time explaining how search affects data, calling it "vertical search reporting," and also provides insight on building "opportunity reports" as a reminder of value found in SEO. - Read the whole story...

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