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Section 2-Around the Net in Search: Blogging Is Like Sex?

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5 Free SEO Tools
Search Engine Marketing Group
Here are five free SEO tools you might not know about, but may want to start using. While there are a lot of free SEO tools available across the Internet, most review sites and SEO bloggers profile the same core set, mainly for Firefox. These tools don't get as much attention as they deserve, according to the post.

One of the five tools profiled, the Social Media Metrics Greasemonkey plug-in for Google Analytics, can increase the amount of data generated from Google's analysis tool. A screen shot demonstrates the plug-in not only collects data from all major social media Web sites, but also adds Yahoo's back link data directly for you to see. - Read the whole story...

'Bizarreness' Around Google's PageRank Nofollow Changes
Those who abuse nofollows may have led Google to change policies, but Rand Fishkin remains a little skeptical of Matt Cutt's disclosure of this change at the recent SMX Advanced conference. Fishkin discusses how the change may affect webmasters and SEO best practices. He also examines the "bizarreness" surrounding the decision.

Fishkin calls the decision a backward step and says it "casts doubts on whether we can trust future messaging [from Google] around SEO best practices, too." He writes savvy SEOs will revert to old methods of PageRank sculpting that existed long before nofollow, creating links that robots can't see or follow. - Read the whole story...

Microsoft IIS SEO Toolkit Free Download
Search Engine Journal
Microsoft released the beta version of its IIS Search Engine Optimization Toolkit earlier this week. Ann Smarty writes that the toolkit boost SEO strategies by allowing Web developers, hosting providers, and Web server administrators ti increase the number of visitors to their Web site.

Smarty explains the IIS SEO Toolkit makes site content more search engine-friendly. She describes the benefits from the three components--Site Analysis module, Robots Exclusion module, and Sitemaps and Site Indexes module--that come with the toolkit. - Read the whole story...

10 Advertising Answers About Bing
Microsoft Advertising Community
Answering questions about advertising on Microsoft's new search engine, Bing, Carolyn Miller from the Microsoft adCenter Community Team explains Microsoft will not have new advertising units on the search engine results page (SERP) of Bing. Miller explains that advertisers will continue to buy keywords in the familiar adCenter environment and the new presentation of results will have no impact on the way keywords are purchased.

There have been numerous improvements to the algorithm -- changes that focus on spelling, current results and core ranking, according to Miller. Among other key points, ad slot availability will not change as compared to Live Search, and ads will continue to appear in the mainline and right rail just as they did before. - Read the whole story...

Blogging Is Like Sex?
Search Engine Guide
Keep SEO in mind when blogging, but leave the ego behind. These words of wisdom from Stoney deGeyter suggest writing often, but choosing words thoughtfully. "Not to put it too bluntly, but the desire to blog often coincides with the desire for sex," he writes. "You may feel the need to get what you want to say out there for public consumption, but it's only going to be any good if you are making someone else happy with it."

Still, deGeyter believes no one really want to hear about the blogger. Readers come to the blog for information about a specific topic they can use in their daily life, both professionally and personally. In this post, the first of a series, he writes that forthcoming posts will focus on targeting the audience, capturing their attention, and keeping them coming back for more. - Read the whole story...

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