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Section 2-Around the Net in Search: Protecting PPC Campaigns Against Click Fraud

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How To Make It Sphinn
Search Engine Marketing Group
Alysson Fergison provides tips on writing for Sphinn, a social voting- based site created by the team at Search Engine Land that focuses on Internet marketing. Similar to Digg, the goal is to generate enough votes on one's post to make it to the "Hot Topics" page, which brings the content to the forefront.

Fergison points out it's important to first introduce yourself to the marketing community by participating in blog discussions before submitting content. She also believes it's important to focus on search marketing-related topics, as well as upload an avatar that presents your likeness when posting comments. - Read the whole story...

Improving Usability On A Tight Budget
Search Engine People
Peter Meyers runs through several sets of tools to increase conversions and improve the usability of your Web site. Many of the tools are free. Others can provide benefits for under $100. Most of the easy-to-install add-on tools are based on Javascript.

Heat mapping, remote screen recording software and outsourced testing are some tools Meyers recommends. Also: when marketing budgets are tight, test your site yourself by gathering the boss, family and friends. Sit them down in front of the computer and watch their reaction as they go through sections and features on the site. Take notes and ask them to make suggestions for improvements. - Read the whole story...

Blocking Domains For Ad Placements
ROI Revolution
Sometimes marketers don't want ads to show up on certain sites in Google's Content Network "because they're costly, they're not converting well, and/or they're just irrelevant to your offer," writes Stephanie Chen. Some sites have a poor conversion rate, so the smart thing to do right from the start is exclude placement and block domains, she adds.

Chen also suggests generating a performance report after running the campaign for a few days to verify any placements have been removed. When typing in excluded placements using the interface or the AdWords Editor, know that the format matters because placement exclusions operate at the URL level, not the domain. Making sure ads aren't visible on a particular domain requires entering the excluded placement as "domain.com," not "www.domain.com. - Read the whole story...

404 Tracking Options
Search Engine Guide
Picking the correct 404 error tracking tool depends on the type of site you're working with, how often errors occur and how quickly you need to fix them. Manoj Jasra provides a list of tracking tools, detailing each. The tools include Google Analytics, Linkgraph, Alex King's 404 Notifier, and Errorlytics.

Errorlytics, for example, is a software as a service (SaaS) application with a couple of added features that other 404 error tracking tools don't have, Jasra writes. The application collects information on all 404 errors that occur on the Web site, but also lets the user set up rules to handle the 404 error if it occurs again. It also generates a 301 redirect, sending the user to a working Web page. - Read the whole story...

Protecting PPC Campaigns Against Click Fraud
Search Engine Watch
Marketers running pay-per-click campaigns need to know how to identify and protect paid search ads against click fraud. Ron Jones defines the PPC model, click fraud, and provides pointers on protecting investments.

Jones points to monitoring paid search clicks and site traffic using analytics tools. He suggests looking for patterns or spikes that are outside the normal traffic pattern for the site. Symptoms that might indicate click fraud include a sudden burst in traffic and clicks originating from one IP address or location, or a spike in traffic coming from other countries or regions that differ from normal traffic sources. - Read the whole story...

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