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Section 2-Around the Net in Search: Will Google's New Trademark Rules Benefit You?

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The ABCs Of SEO Leadership
Search Engine Journal
If you have every wondered what traits it takes to become a search engine optimization leader, Matt Leonard lays it on the line.

He starts with A for analytical: knowing what to look for, and creating an action plan from the findings; through C for being calm under fire; to Z for "zero mistakes: Everyone makes mistakes. Leaders have plans in place to find and correct them." - Read the whole story...

Google Analytics To Track-Back Transactions
ROI Revolution
Change Google Analytics Tracking Codes so they credits transactions to the initial referrer rather than the last. Jeremy Aube suggests this tactic will give marketers a better sense on the return paid for marketing campaigns. One problem with this approach, though, is that it's a permanent change that seemingly can't be modified.

Aube, however, has figured out a way to fix this dilemma. He suggests using a modified version of ga.js. Attributing the original ga.js modification and idea to John Henson at Lunametrics, Aube has tweaked it a bit to serve his own purpose. He provides code and step-by-step instructions to implement it. - Read the whole story...

A Guide To Analytics
As Rand Fishkin continues to update his "Beginner's Guide to Search Engine Optimization," he steps through how to start using Web analytics. Although every business relies on different criteria, Fishkin compiles a universal list of metrics critical to SEO.

For starters, Fishkin suggests keeping track of monthly contributions from each traffic source to the site. These would include direct navigation from bookmarks, email links and tracking codes. Consider also referral traffic from links promotions and branding campaign links. - Read the whole story...

Yahoo Intros Creative Commons Image Filters
Yahoo Search Blog
Yahoo Image Search has launched a Creative Commons license filter that lets you quickly find images available for reuse. The creative commons license allows you to use the images without permission. Some may have slight restrictions, which are set by the image's creator.

The new tools let you filter images from Flickr to either use commercially or modify with slight edits or tweaks. The Image Search filters also let you narrow the search by color, size, or specific dimensions. - Read the whole story...

Will Google's New Trademark Rules Benefit You?
Search Engine Land
Brad Geddes provides insight on the advantages to pay-per-click campaigns since Google's recent trademark changes in AdWords. The benefits go past reports that stores like Target can now mention Apple's iPod by name in ads.

According to Geddes, Google's decision to relax the rules also makes it easier for franchisees and affiliates. Since most franchise trademarks are held by the corporate office, franchisees would previously find their efforts to use the company name in ads rejected. Affiliates also should benefit from the change, Geddes writes, because they can now buy trademarked keywords and their accounts should be treated similar to merchants. - Read the whole story...

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