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Section 2-Around the Net in Search: Sitemaps: A Google Study

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Search Engine Blekko To Launch By July
Marcus Schuler
Marcus Schuler tells us that Rich Skrenta, founder of Blekko, has plans to launch the search engine within three months. While initial plans don't include going head to head with Google, Skrenta does want to make sure his 200 servers located in Sunnyvale stand the first rush. He estimates the Web supports between 100 billion to a trillion pages.

Nearly two years in the making, the company has raised about $5 million in equity financing with two angel rounds, including an investment from Marc Andreessen. Successful search engines can make more money than any other business on the Web, Skreta said. "You build a big social network and get about between 10 cents and 15 cents CPM," he said. "Search is $100 CPM." - Read the whole story...

SEOing The Swine Flu
The length of phrases used by those searching for info on the swine flu demonstrates the fact that SEO professionals need to look past one-to-three-word search terms into longer strings of nine or more words. This can help searchers target the exact topic they seek without having to do multiple searches.

Take a look at some of the top search phrases that bring thousands of visitors to this particular Web site blog about the swine flu. One popular phrase, "how do you know if you have the swine flu," has 10 words. The most popular phrase is nine words long and brings 6% of the traffic to this Web site. - Read the whole story...

Yahoo Releases Web Analytics Upgrades
Yahoo Search Marketing Blog
Yahoo has released Web Analytics for search and display advertisers. Jeff Sweat writes that the new release expands availability of the free analytics tool to all of Yahoo's account-managed advertising clients. It was originally released last October to Yahoo Small Business merchants.

The tools include several upgrades. Among them are demographic reporting options that let users identify age, gender, city and online interests of site visitors. It also lets advertisers track performance of display, email and search campaigns, and produce custom reports, dashboards, alerts and segmentation tools. - Read the whole story...

Sitemaps: A Google Study
Search Engine Land
Barry Schwartz encapsulates a study published by Google that goes into details on XML sitemaps. He provides a link, but for those who don't have time to download the PDF document, the post highlights the most interesting findings -- such as, there were 35 million sitemaps published as of October 2008, which include "several billion" URLs. The most popular sitemap formats include XML (77%), Unknown (17.5%), URL list (3.5%), Atom (1.6%) and RSS (0.11%).

Schwartz also writes that the study details how to come up with ways to determine the crawl order, either via sitemaps or Discovery. - Read the whole story...

What Brick-And-Mortar Shops Can Teach You About Landing Pages
Howie Jacobson provides a humorous analogy on the dos and don'ts of setting up a landing page after visiting his local Toyota dealership.

Behind the door that reads "Authorized Personnel Only," Jacobson found at least 16 mechanics' bays. He writes that the mechanics were clean, focused and calm. The lighting was great. It didn't smell like exhaust or tobacco, and one look told Jacobson why he could trust his car to them and nobody else.

SEO professionals should look at landing pages similarly, carefully considering the first impressions made on site visitors. Other tips: Show visitors where to start on the landing page, create a safe feeling, and leave them wanting more. - Read the whole story...

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