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Section 2-Around the Net in Search: Search Taxonomy: Key SEO Strategy

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Search Taxonomy: Key SEO Strategy
SEO Book
Peter Da Vanzo begins by defining search taxonomy as a focus on classifying keywords into three distinct classes, according to type of search: navigational, informational and transactional. With stats from surveys and eye-tracking studies, Da Vanzo steps through the process of integrating this knowledge into your search strategy.

Know your audience to estimate intent, a bit of advice from Da Vanzo that shouldn't come as a big surprise. He describes a variety of tools that can help you understand a site's demographics and the keywords searched on. Through Google AdWords, you can determine what gets the clicks. He writes that since Google AdWords factors ad click-through rates into calculations, you can presume top advertisers are either getting a decent CTR, or are paying through the nose for clicks. - Read the whole story...

Minimizing Yahoo's Flukes
PPC Hero
Joe of PPC Hero doesn't have a whole lot of positive feedback on Yahoo's search marketing platform. "Let's face it: their interface isn't as easy-to-use, transparent, or streamlined as Google Adwords' interface," he writes. Still, since he believes in diversifying search campaigns -- and Yahoo is no. 2 -- he provides a list of ways to more efficiently manage a Yahoo campaign, minimizing the platform's shortcomings.

For example: The "Yahoo content network sucks," Joe writes. In fact, it's been more of a "bane than a boon for my campaigns." The reason: there can be spikes in clicks without additional conversions, often a sign of invalid clicks. Joe's solution: Leave the content network off altogether and use Google's. - Read the whole story...

TV Networks Must Tap SEM/SEO
TV networks should embrace search engine optimization (SEO) as more shows find a home on the Internet. Brafton encapsulates an article in which Greg Kahn, SVP of strategic insights at Optimedia, says networks need to do more to make hit shows available outside their normal airing schedules by putting them online and promoting them with SEO techniques as ways to drive traffic to the show's Web site.

Brafton also calls attention to a piece that ran earlier this year in Search Engine Land that suggests SEO might become a good way to "save the sagging television industry." Search is the "perfect approach to delivering individualized content discovery and programming" for online viewers. - Read the whole story...

Still Searching For The Right Links?
Search Engine Land
""Get more links' is not an effective goal, even if it's the directive you've received from clients or management," writes Garrett French. Instead, French provides 10 broader goals.

For example: Deepen organic keyword portfolios. By building deep links to existing pages using longer tail anchor text, you can increase long tail organic search engine rankings and revenue/conversions from targeted search engine rankings, he writes. - Read the whole story...

Web Navigation, SEO Hotkeys
Search Engine Journal
Ann Smarty offers tips on speeding up SEO tasks with Firefox shortcuts. She follows up with hotkeys that provide faster navigation through the Web. The list of keys include the ability to open bookmarks with a drop-down menu, activate the search box, and add "www." to the beginning and ".com" to the end of the text in the location bar. Smarty also provides instructions on implementing SiteLauncher, a Firefox add-on that lets you assign keys to launch favorite Web sites. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Thursday, May 28, 2009


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