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Section 2-Around the Net in Search: Oprah's KFC Twitter Storm

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Sergey Brin Checks In
Google Blog
Google co-founder Sergey Brin posted the 2008 founders' letter on the main company blog this week, just in time for the annual stockholders' meeting. Search, ads, books, geographic information and YouTube are among the topics he highlights. Despite the global economic recession, Brin appears optimistic about Google's ability to innovate.

Search remains at the core of Google's business, he says. During the past year the company made 359 changes to Web search, nearly one per day. Innovations have led to auto-suggest and voice-activated features, but Brin believes in the next decade "our searches and results will look very different than they do today." - Read the whole story...

The A-to-Z of Link Building
Wiep Knol takes us through the alphabet with tips on link-building -- from award Web sites to "Ztrategy -- Yeah, I know, I kinda cheated on this one, but having a well thought through ztrategy is so important that I couldn't leave it out."

Also included: offline media. Yes, most people don't think about offline media such as TV and radio when building link campaigns, he writes. But offline sources create tons of links indirectly daily. - Read the whole story...

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due
Marketers must understand the impact that data has on media buys before allocating dollars. Data can help determine credit for the last click. "Even though only one click can be the last touch point, this may not relieve you of the legal obligation to pay more than one vendor," Kevin Lee writes. "If your PPC search campaign was the last touch point but you're paying others as well, you may be tempted to reduce your PPC budget or attribution."

Pool the data, don't rely on siloed collection systems and insist on rewarding a click regardless of whether it was, in fact, the closest to the order. Lee writes that online affiliate networks often define a payout requirement based on a post-click cookie being within a certain time period, regardless of what happened during the duration of that cookie. - Read the whole story...

Oprah's KFC Twitter Storm
After responses to Oprah's KFC giveaway caused a traffic jam on Twitter, Tad Chef lost faith. Not all posts lead to good press, Chef writes. Some bad press points to the "hypocrisy" of Winfrey working with PETA one day and giving away chicken on the next.

Chef also points to the overwhelming response KFC restaurants received as another downfall from the giveaway. The chain couldn't cope with the high demand or simply was unprepared or unwilling to offer enough free food. What lesson does this scenario emphasize? Chef runs down his suggestions in the post. - Read the whole story...

Yahoo Tests Favicons
Yahoo Search Marketing Blog
Yahoo is testing a program with a few select advertisers that displays favicons next to the URL in its sponsored results. The icons allow Web users to quickly identify sites at a glance. They show up on the browser next to the address window when you're on a page.

The favicons could help boost click-throughs and improve quality scores, according to Jeff Sweat. He writes that brands can't sign up for the service yet, but those bidding on their own domain name and with a favicon.ico file on their site might be eligible to participate. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Friday, May 8, 2009


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