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Section 2-Around the Net in Search: Mining The Sales Funnel

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The Future Of Search
Wired magazine and The Industry Standard Founder John Battelle sat down with HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan to talk about Google, social media and the future of search. In the video, Battelle called search a "commodity," something that "runs like water." But it's also an "interface" and the way "we interact with machines," he said.

Battelle said "search will stop looking like 10 blue links and start looking like a conversation on the phone." Geographical location and mobile will enable people to interact with search more naturally. - Read the whole story...

Importing Google Analytics Goals Into AdWords
PPC Hero
John steps through the process to import data from your Analytics goals and transactions into AdWords conversion reports. There are four steps, which begin with ensuring you have successfully linked both services. Make sure you have turned on the feature that lets you share data under the "Edit Account and Data Sharing" setting.

Once you've completed the four steps, you should see a "Conversion Tracking Notification" that lets you know "Google Analytics Goals and Transactions are now available." This allows you to link into AdWords. Track conversion performance in AdWords and use Analytics data with Conversion Optimizer. - Read the whole story...

Live Search Gives MSN City Guides A Lift
Live Search
Microsoft has launched a new MSN City Guides that integrates with Live Search and Live Search Maps, and offers video, content sharing and more. It also has better localized filtering of events and information, and one-click directions to businesses and other locations.

Lisa Tiedt explains that local search results are integrated throughout the site to provide more relevant results for all ZIP codes in the U.S. Filtering capabilities will help make it easier to decide where to go based on your chosen criteria, she writes. The new version should provide give greater visibility to local businesses that both rank well in Live Search and score well when reviewed by users. - Read the whole story...

Mining The Sales Funnel
Search Engine Land
There has been much ado lately about mining sales funnels for data and conversions. Chris Wine believes the key to understanding the cycle is mining the data from media that consumers see or interact with further up the funnel. It still plays an important role in the final results, which means SEO professionals should consider offline media when planning online strategies.

To better illustrate the fundamental shift in attributing the revenue to the media, Wine take a closer look at Extra Space Storage. He writes that the self-storage company knew many of its shoppers looked online to rent storage space, but would finish the transaction by calling the 800 number or driving to their local storage facility. - Read the whole story...

Herding Botnets Like Lamb
Search Engine Journal
Have you found that Googlebot has mistakenly moved valuable pages into Google supplemental index or has passed PageRank to pages that do not need to rank? John Britsios provides insight on how to guide bots to avoid these problems.

Britsios discusses when to use and not to use noindex HTML meta tags, nofollow meta tags and noindex robots.txt directives. He explains that Google (unofficially) supports the noindex robots.txt directives, but at the moment it is not supported by other search engines. "Using this directive, you can block or advise Googlebot not to index a page (or de-index a page if previously indexed)," he writes. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Tuesday, May 12, 2009


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