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Section 2-Around the Net in Search: How Often Should I Optimize PPC Campaigns?

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Harvard Professor Accuses Google Of Conversion Fraud
Search Engine Land
Harvard Professor Ben Edelman has released a report suggesting Google and its partners inflate conversion rates and thus increase advertising costs.

Edelman cites four cases that can be read in his report. Although Barry Schwartz writes that he doesn't agree 100% with the allegations, he presents a summary of Edelman's findings in a matrix. - Read the whole story...

Marketers Plan To Increase Search Spending
Fifty-five percent of survey respondents planned to raise SEO spending, and 45% said the same for paid search, according to a joint study by Econsultancy and search engine optimization firm Guava. EMarketer encapsulates stats from the study that reveal marketers' perceptions about search have basically stayed the same from last year.

David Hallerman believes more marketers are gravitating toward SEO to improve organic listings. That's because optimization appears to work similarly across all search engines. He emphasizes that an optimized site does not drop off the first results page even when marketer spending slows or stops. - Read the whole story...

Google Relaxes Trademark Policy
Google AdWords
Marketers that plan to buy trademarked keywords will want to know that Google announced a change to its trademark policy in the United States. Effective June 15, the company said it will allow you to "use trademark terms in your ad text in the U.S. even if you don't own that trademark or have explicit approval from the trademark owner to use it," under "certain criteria."

Dan Friedman writes that to help advertisers understand whether their landing pages meet Google's trademarks guidelines, the company has added some new functions to Search Based Keyword Tool. Visit and enter your Web site URL, following Friedman's instructions. - Read the whole story...

How Often Should I Optimize PPC Campaigns?
Microsoft adCenter
Jennifer Slegg believes optimizing campaigns too frequently could have a negative effect. For instance, optimizing a campaign that only has five clicks won't provide the kind of data required to make an educated guess on the tweaks that should come next, unless you want 25,000 impressions to get those five clicks.

Slegg provides metrics to determine how often marketers should optimize campaigns. She suggests things to consider include changes when updating products information, during market shifts, and seeing a drop in conversions, among others. - Read the whole story...

Factor In Statistical Research For Local Search
SEO Scoop
Brian Carter attempts to find the statistical correlation between local search factors and actual rankings. The search factors he analyzes include number of reviews, instances of the keyword in the title, photos and videos, user content, in-bound links, and Web pages.

Several scatter graphs provide insight. From those scatter graphs, Carter found R2 values. "I suspect someone from Google will read this and laugh at my non-PhD-ish bafflement," he writes. "Nonetheless, I know where to go next, so there will be a part two." - Read the whole story...

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