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Section 2-Around the Net in Search: How To Maximize PPC Impressions

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Setting Up A Geo-Targeting Campaign
PPC Hero
John steps through the basics of setting up campaigns in Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter that let marketers target consumers based on geography. Each service, a bit different, has its strengths and weaknesses.

Yahoo's geotargeting tool, for example, requires marketers to set up several campaigns if they want to target consumers outside the United States and Canada, according to John. Those looking to target other countries need to open additional accounts. John calls the tool in Microsoft's adCenter "awkward," since it doesn't offer as much flexibility as either Google or Yahoo. - Read the whole story...

How To Persuade Clients To Spend More Money On PPC
SEM Geek
SEM Geek details four "outside the box" ways to persuade clients to spend more money on PPC. That sometimes entails finding similarities between traditional and online marketing tactics to make clients feel more comfortable. For example, you can explain how investments in PPC are similar to those made in research and development; liken the strategy to television, radio and print to provide a better understanding; and make testing more affordable to promote success.

- Read the whole story...

Easing Marketing Automation Complexities
Chief Marketing Technologist
Scott Brinker likens the theme of "Jurassic Park" to marketing automation. In the movie, ravenous pre-historic creatures spiral out of control and devour everyone in sight. For Brinker, this is similar to the explosion of complex marketing strategies and the attempt to automate routine marketing processes.

Brinker runs through several scenarios in an attempt to help marketers understand the "intersection of marketing and computer science." Technology can make marketing easier, but it won't remove the complexity of SEO, mobile marketing, behavioral targeting, among others. - Read the whole story...

Wolfram Alpha Fact Engine Readies Launch
Search Engine Land
A new search engine will emerge within the next few weeks based on Stephen Wolfram's Mathematica computational software. While Wolfram bills the site as a "computational knowledge engine," Danny Sullivan calls it a "fact search engine" or an "answer search engine," a term he writes has been used in the past for services designed to provide direct answers, rather than pointing you to pages that in turn might hold the answers.

In a Webinar on Friday, Wolfram provided insights into the capabilities offered by the site, which are quite detailed. Do a search on Wolfram Alpha, and if the site has matching data it presents a ton of information on a single page, from figures to charts. "For example, a search for 'newport beach' not only shows the current temperature and forecast but also provides easy access to historical temperatures, which also get charted," Sullivan writes in the lengthy post. - Read the whole story...

How To Maximize PPC Impressions
Search Engine Journal
Brian Carter provides a few pointers to help marketers get the most out of PPC campaigns. For one, budgeting more than you can spend does not guarantee your ad shows 100% of the time.

Carter also runs down five ways to maximize PPC impressions including ad quality, accelerated ad delivery, adjusting keyword match types, adjusting regional or placement targeting parameters, and increasing the bids. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Monday, May 4, 2009


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