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Section 2-Around the Net in Search: Getting More PPC Impressions

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3 Tools Find Bad Neighbors
Alex Chudnovsky introduces readers to three free tools that can help you identify if your site links to good neighbors. He provides details on how to use them, as well as identifies the warning signs that may tip you off to a bad neighbor -- that is, a heavily spammed Web site.

The first is the "Domain neighbourhood checker" to verify a list of domain hosts that appear on the same IP address or subnet. Also, "backlink history" verifies domain, which lets you analyze the rate links are gained. The final tool lets you check for bad neighbors on top pages. - Read the whole story...

More Than 30 Non-Google SEO Resources
SEOptimise has complied a list of more than 30 non-google SEO "how to" online marketing resources for 2009. The handy list includes shopping search engine and comparison sites like BizRate, NexTag or Kelkoo that have existed for years or have lost their oomph but are still around.

The post also mentions Yahoo Answers, review sites, and niche communities that provide articles about social networks and resources such as Traffikd and Sphinn. - Read the whole story...

Google's Patent Identifies Human Evaluators
SEO by the Sea
A Google patent provides details on how advertising from Google may be reviewed by human evaluators, according to William Slawski.

He also recently spotted a classified ad for "a temporary Ads Quality Rater." The patent, System and method for rating electronic documents, details how advertisements might be reviewed. Evaluators would create a trust score for ads as well as ranking and classifying the ads on a number of criteria. - Read the whole story...

Working With A Performance SEM Agency
Search Engine Land
Should you work with a performance SEM agency? Adam Viener writes that in many cases you will need to have a paid search campaign running first because such an agency's business model is based on the sales and leads generated. The agency will want to estimate how much revenue they can expect to generate per click before agreeing to take on clients.

Some important numbers marketers might need to know before contacting such an agency include commission rate, site conversion rate, and average order size. Viener explains that performance SEM firms often lose money on many of the campaigns they test. They tend to rely on metrics to weed out the winners and focus efforts on those that demonstrate promise for profit. - Read the whole story...

Getting More PPC Impressions
Search Engine Journal
Brian Carter serves up pointers on how to go beyond the limits of one AdWords account to find success without violating the Double Serving Policy. He explains the exceptions will allow you to get more impressions within regulations, but provides a disclaimer with the instructions: "There's no guarantee that you'll be approved if you heed these criteria."

Carter says don't abuse the strategy. Don't be black hat -- it won't serve you in the end. "Your offering on every website has to appeal to the prospect that searches for your keywords," he writes. If the ad doesn't fit the information the searcher seeks, though you may get good click-through rates with clever ads, conversion rates will suffer and the overall effort won't deliver a positive return on investment. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Thursday, May 14, 2009


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