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Section 2-Around the Net in Search: Free Can Mean Profits

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Redefining Twitter
Peter Meyers believes the real power of Twitter is in "transforming online connections into real-world relationships." For him, the microblogging site has become the most powerful tool at his disposal to bridge the gap between his personal and professional lives.

Twitter tweets alert Meyers when friends and colleagues travel into his area. In one example, tweeting provided him with a "posse" of folks to hang out with a SEO conference. He explains that "with little or no effort, I managed to round up a group of 6, most of whom I'd never met before, and we accidentally bumped into 3 more folks from the seminar." - Read the whole story...

Optimizing Organic Search Conversions
Search Engine Land
Measure organic traffic by its impact on the return on investment (ROI), not by traffic, according to Daniel Waisberg. He believes some of the elements that paid search experts typically think about when optimizing a page are often left out when optimizing organic campaigns.

For starters, don't equate organic search campaigns with free traffic. It's possible to gain free traffic, but the most successful campaigns will require an SEO expert. Fine-tune landing pages and expand keyword targeting on search engines. These tasks should bring in new page views and ultimately conversions. - Read the whole story...

Spelling Tips In Google Search
Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google, and SEO
If you didn't get enough of Google's Searchology Tuesday, Matt Cutts provides some of the stuff you might have missed. Aside from the four new features, Pat Riley mentioned a couple of internal code names for spell check, such as "did you mean:" Or, "Spellmeleon" for when Google really thinks the user messed up the spelling.

Power searchers who really do want to search on "ipodd," for example, can query [+ipodd] with a '+' character in front of the word that you want to match exactly. Cutts writes that "Spellmeleon makes life *so* much better for my webspam team" because spammers target typos and misspelled queries. If users see a couple of valid results before they see results for a misspelled/typo query, they are exposed to a lot less webspam in Google. - Read the whole story...

Link-Building Secrets SEOers Don't Hear
Link Spiel
The only link-building secrets are the ones SEO experts don't hear when told. That's according to Debra Mastaler, who believes sometimes people just don't listen. The information on customer surveys, Web site elements, RSS, directories, content development and offline sources to build quality links are all available, but the information seems to go in one ear and out the other, she writes in a rant.

The real secrets aren't based on link building, she adds. The trick is finding Web site sources to link with. So, she offers advice on finding link partners that have stability and have been indexed, as well as those that allow links in content areas and have been listed in major directories. - Read the whole story...

Free Can Mean Profits
Search Engine Guide
How do companies give away things and still make a profit? Provide free information that could lead more consumers to your Web site, according to Stoney deGeyter. Giving consumers something for "free" and earning a return on investments requires creativity, but it can be done.

For instance, deGeyter points to Costco's food-tasting frenzy on the weekends, where vendors will set up tables in the store, giving shoppers a free taste. The hope is that people will then buy the whole package. - Read the whole story...

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