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Section 2-Around the Net in Search: 12 Video Diary Tweeter Treats

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3 Ways To Improve PPC Campaigns
PPC Hero
Create automated reports. Review account settings. Create a pay-per-click (PPC) schedule. These are three tasks John outlines that can get marketers more involved in their PPC campaigns for just a few minutes per day. The advice is meant to cpush people who neglect campaigns because they are "too busy" to take initial steps toward real progress.

John reminds marketers it's important to designate one task per day, Monday through Friday. It should take between 10 and 30 minutes to accomplish daily. For example: Monday: rotate ads. Tuesday: edit bids. Wednesday: run search query reports and add negative keywords. Thursday: rotate ads (again). Friday: conduct keyword research (look for new opportunities). - Read the whole story...

Biz Stone: Thoughts On Twitter
Search Engine Land
Twitter co-founder Biz Stone talks with Danny Sullivan about how the microblogging site may redesign the home page to reposition as a share and discovery service. The two also discussed how discovery could allow people to share groups of friends; ways third-party software and services continue to grow Twitter, and the importance of SMS. Several video clips provide a close perspective on each topic.

- Read the whole story...

Do Keywords, Meta Tags Still Make Sense?
Search Engine Journal
Keep using keywords and meta-description tags. That's the advice from Kandi Humpf, who lays out several supporting facts. While Google controls the "lion's share of the search market," people still use Yahoo and Microsoft search engines. The later two companies still rely on keyword and description meta tags for results pages.

Meta tags are still important to social network sites, too. Humpf suggests first thinking about making it easier for people to use your site, and then consider the search engines. - Read the whole story...

Huomah Launches Resource Library
David Harry has put together a SEO Geeks Resource Library with ino on search rankings, concepts, optimization techniques and analysis He plans to introduce new articles and documents as time permits.

The new section of the site offers a category that focuses on search-related patents. Harry writes that they are categorized for easy access to "get your geek on!" The research papers provide a variety of information retrieval and other research work that relates to search engines.

(You can find the library here: http://www.huomah.com/dojo/the-Library/ )   - Read the whole story...

12 Video Diary Tweeter Treats
Search Engine Watch
Greg Jarboe has posted 12 short video clips from interviews with a variety of industry leaders on Twitter tools, tips, tricks, techniques and troubles, or "Twoubles."

Brian Cray of Nearby Tweets tells us about his social networking tool in one of the videos. The tool, Nearby Tweets, combines Twitter and local search functions. He calls the public search engine in Twitter "chaotic." Nearby Tweets aims to narrow the stream of tweets to people who are geographically located near the person searching on the topic. There are plans to launch a mobile version, too. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Tuesday, May 26, 2009


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