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Section 2-Around the Net in Search: ABCSearch Acquires

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Paid Search Not Paying Off for U.K. Retailers
Hitwise Research suggests U.K. online retailers see less traffic from paid search efforts and more from social networks. Robin Goad writes 8.9% of visits to online U.K. retailers came from paid search listings in March 2099, down from 10.1% in the year-ago month.

Goad tells us that retail categories receiving the most traffic from social networks during March 2009 were auctions, fashion and department stores. These combined market segments account for more than half of all visits from social networks to online retailers. He also lists the 10 online retail Web sites that receive traffic from social networks. - Read the whole story...

Microsoft Trademarks Search Brand
Joseph Tartakoff reports that Microsoft has registered the trademark "Sift." He writes that the filing describes "Sift" as an operating system software for mobile phones; computer search engine software; computer programs for searching email, text messages, address and contact information.

The trademark for Sift was filed on Jan. 9, according to Tartakoff. He believes Microsoft plans to unveil new online services by the time it launches Windows Mobile 7 next year. Microsoft applied for the trademark "Swivel," in March, "which it said in the application it wants to use for 'operating system software for mobile phones (cell phones)."' - Read the whole story...

Buying An Expired Domain?
How to handle an expired domain you've recently purchased? Rebecca suggests three options. New owners either can redirect the old domain to their existing domain, create a microsite that links to their existing domain, or overhaul the old domain and operate it independently.

Rebecca provides the pros and cons for each suggestion. She writes that what new owners do really depends on the amount of work they want to put into the site. They also should check if any search engines still have pages indexed and 301 redirect them as well. - Read the whole story...

Writing SEO For Humans
Search engine optimization professionals often forget the purpose of a Web site is to gain visibility and traffic by appealing to people, not search engines, according to Kevin Gibbons. To that end, he makes these suggestions: Make Web content enjoyable to read. Use short sentences. And, keep a sense of humor when writing copy for the site.

Gibbons also reminds us that while content is important, don't forget to optimize keywords, and links in and out. - Read the whole story...

ABCSearch Acquires
ABCSearch has acquired, which allows ABCSearch to present a brand based on several search engine marketing services and not just search.New programs will range from pay per click, to local and contextual targeting and display advertising.

During the next six months the company will introduce three new tools. Mary Elizabeth Hurn explains the tools will provide tier-one search marketing bid management, technology to better serve local advertisers, and a display network that allows advertisers to reach consumers with contextually and behaviorally targeted ads. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Thursday, April 23, 2009


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