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Section 2-Around the Net in Search: Entrepreneurs Rule This Recession

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Research: Marketing Campaigns Needs Paid Search
Listen up, marketers: Paid search lifts brand metrics, particularly when paired with other media. That's according to Kevin Lee, who summarizes new research presented at the Re:think 2009 conference, the 55th annual convention of the Advertising Research Foundation. Presented by Angela O'Connell, head of cross media research at Google Europe, and Lucas Hulsebos, media research director at MetrixLab, the research validated Lee's long-held theory about the effectiveness of paid search.

The research analyzed media interaction to determine lift in brand metrics as consumers were exposed to advertising in a variety of media, according to Lee. He tells us when search prompted brand lift, the study further focused on search's "effectiveness" and "efficiency" compared with other offline media. "Effectiveness combined the branding effect, multiplied by reach; efficiency was effectiveness divided by the [amount spent] for that media," he writes, explaining the formula. - Read the whole story...

How PPC, Organic Work Together
Search Engine Land
Marketers know the best media strategy combine paid and organic search. But convincing management to invest in both might not be easy, especially as budgets remain tight. Sami Carroll provides fodder to pitch the boss or the client and execute the plan.

Benefits from combiningg paid and organic search campaigns range from improving the ability to block competitors' ads, to improving brand recall for your company. Some suggestions from Carroll include maximizing results on a limited budget, capitalizing on early research, knowing what to leave in and take out, and paying attention to the results in analytics. - Read the whole story...

Over-Optimized Sites?
Can SEO professionals over-optimize a site? Yes, according to Rand Fishkin, who discusses "unnatural content development," and other mistakes SEO professional make, including keyword stuffing and internal linking.

Search engines will penalize such practices, according to Fishkin. If stuffing keywords only gives you small incremental benefits, reconsider, he says. - Read the whole story...

10 SEO Tips To Promote Business
Here are some fairly basic, but still useful, "Non-Google SEO" ways to promote business. This tool chest doesn't include pay-per-click, email marketing or affiliate marketing campaigns. Instead, recommendations are for the likes of niche communities, local search tools, and shopping and review sites. - Read the whole story...

Entrepreneurs Rule This Recession
Outspoken Media
A little off the SEO beaten track, but a worthwhile post to include in today's newsletter. Now that you've gotten your fill of Ashton Kutcher and his million followers in Twitter, or Oprah's decision on when to send her first tweet, it's time to get back to work and stop blaming the recession for recent failures.

Marketers and SEO professionals who want to survive this recession will stop talking about Oprah and learn something new, work harder than everyone else, and do the leg work, according to Lisa Barone. Take some risks and shut up, Barone writes. Stop thinking the recession is some "Blob-like creature taking away your clients," and seek opportunities to create your own success. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Friday, April 17, 2009


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