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Section 2-Around the Net in Search: Yahoo's Demographic Targeting

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JumpTap Unveils Mobile PPC Campaign Marketplace
Search Engine Land
JumpTap launched tapMatch, a mobile pay-per-click (PPC) campaign marketplace. Greg Sterling writes that it accommodates both display and text advertising, including search and contextual ads across major carriers. The company claims marketers can target consumers by content, keywords, demographics, handset type, carrier, location and publishers.

In the video accompanying Sterling's post, Lara Mehanna shows how to set up a campaign in tapMatch in five minutes. Marketers designate target information in ad bundles, which hold the marketing message. And within those ad bundles, marketers can set up as many as 15,000 keywords. - Read the whole story...

Hackers Use Ford Motor Video, SEO As Bait
Tech Herald
PandaLabs is reporting a black-hat SEO attack using the Ford Motor Co.'s name as bait to distribute malware on the Internet. The security firm has discovered 1.2 million results in searches related to the well-known car manufacturer that point to these malicious pages.

Malware is distributed when people searching for information about Ford click on one of the malicious search results. The link directs them to the Web page that suggests they watch a video. If users try to watch the video, they will be prompted to download another program that has fake antivirus software. PandaLabs has detected two fake antivirus programs that are distributed in this way: MSAntiSpyware2009 and Anti-Virus-1. - Read the whole story...

RankSense Review
Daniel Scocco provides tips for using RankSense, a SEO software package offering 12 integrated tools such as On-Page Analysis, Sitemap Builder, Link Structure Analysis, and Link Research. The software comes with a collection of tutorials.

There are four main modules -- Search Engine Friendliness, Market Research, On-Page Optimization, and Off-Page Optimization -- and two secondary sections -- Scheduled Tasks, and Analytics. Installation is quick and easy. Scocco writes that one drawback is the software only works in Windows. Sorry, Apple users. - Read the whole story...

Yahoo's Demographic Targeting
Yahoo Search Marketing Blog
Malin Kennedy explains how marketers can increase the likelihood ads will appear in premium positions for any specific age group or gender through an ad targeting tool from Yahoo. Each time a user who matches preset specs performs a search on one of the preset keywords, the ads will have a higher tendency to serve-up at the top of the page.

It's all about geographic targeting. Yahoo lets marketers take advantage of knowledge gained about the company's audience, and then focus spending on specific age range and gender segments, according to Kennedy. The tool is available for both Sponsored Search and Content Match through the user interface and APIs. - Read the whole story...

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