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Section 2-Around the Net in Search: Yahoo PPC Might Pleasantly Surprise You

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China Search Engine Faces Monopoly Claims
Reuters UK
Renren Information Service accused Baidu, China's No. 1 Internet search engine, of violating the antimonopoly law when it restricted search access to a subsidiary's Web site as punishment for reducing the amount of advertising it spent with the search engine, according to Kirby Chien.

Chien writes that a search for "Renren" on Google in the United States found 6,690 pages, while only four were found on Baidu. According to Chien, Baidu also has open court cases brought by Sony Music, Warner Music and Universal Music, accusing it of directing users to unauthorized music download Web sites. - Read the whole story...

Google Analytics API Launch
The Official Google Analytics Blog
Earlier this week Google released the Google Analytics Data Export API beta publicly to all Analytics users. The API gives companies a standard platform to integrate analytics data with their own business data.

Nick Mihailovski writes that developers can integrate Google Analytics into existing products and create standalone applications that they sell. He provides numerous examples of how the API works, as well as directions on getting started. He tells us Google also provides access to analytics with an Android application from Actual Metrics. - Read the whole story...

Craigslist To Promote Local Businesses
Marketers may want to consider Craigslist when creating local search campaigns. The site, which began as a bulletin board community, became the most searched-for term in mid-March 2009, according to Hitwise. This is the first time since March 2006 that "myspace" was not the no. 1 search term in the United States, writes Mary Bowling.

There are 500 Craigslist sites in 50 countries and in each of the 50 U.S. states. Many local businesses have made Craigslist a part of their marketing mix, according to Bowling, who provides some tips for those who want to get in on the mix. It's important to use keyword-rich text in the title and description of the ads, she writes, because the site relies on simple algorithms that displays search results first by the posting date, with newer ads appearing above older ones, and then by keyword. - Read the whole story...

Microsoft Moves PubCenter Into Public Beta
Search Engine Journal
Microsoft's PubCenter, a contextual advertising program, now offers U.S. Web sites an opportunity to display ads from Microsoft's online advertising networks. The project has moved out of private into public beta in the United States.

Arnold Zafra explains that PubCenter allows companies to display targeted ads on their Web sites, customize ads based on the design, deliver high-quality ads from Microsoft advertising networks, and track performance using analytics tools. - Read the whole story...

Yahoo PPC Might Pleasantly Surprise You
Marketing Sherpa
Marketing Sherpa takes a look at why marketers use Yahoo Sponsored Search. The post, full of tips, looks at diversifying paid search campaigns and resources, and lists the top four differences between Yahoo and Google when buying pay-per-click (PPC) ads. It also explains advanced and standard match types, which set the criteria that determine a search query's relevance to a keyword marketers bid on. - Read the whole story...

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