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Section 2-Around the Net in Search: Tying Brand Keywords Into Rankings

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SEM Report Suggests Spend Down, ROI Up
Search Engine Land
Search advertising budgets slid sequentially by 3.3% in the first quarter 2009, but return on investments improved by 10%. The numbers reveal advertisers are reducing the amount they spend to maintain a higher return, according to an Efficient Frontier report.

The report highlights several trends as marketers adapt to recession trends. For starters, more consumers continue to a shift toward comparison shopping. And, impression volume rose across all search engines, especially in financial, retail and travel as consumers continue to look for ways to save money on good deals. - Read the whole story...

Organizing Multiple SEO Tools
Search Engine Journal
Finding the perfect SEO tool amidst the many you may have tucked away for safekeeping can be tricky. Ann Smarty suggests organizing tools by task such as search, keyword and backlink. Marketers also can organize the tools by the frequency in which they are used.

Smarty provides instructions on how to use two organizational tools that might come in handy: Firefox and Wikipad. For Firefox, the bookmarks are searchable by title within any folder, so you can search stored SEO tools by any keyword, she writes. - Read the whole story...

How-Tos For Negative Reviews
Outspoken Media
You can use search to monitor your company's reputation on the Web, but it helps to educate management before you respond to any bad buzz, according to Lisa Barone.

Recently, Yelp announced it would allow businesses to respond to critiques.Barone suggests some situations when a response is necessary -- as when the reviewer becomes angry or misses important facts, or when a genuine amend is required to put out the fire. - Read the whole story...

Making The SEO Pitch
Resolution Media
Dave McAnally has some lessons he's learned from making recent SEO pitches to potential clients. For example: less is more, especially when it comes to taking the client through too many power point slides.

Always tie back to successful metrics and provide possible scenarios for positive outcomes, McAnally writes. "A common mistake is to get really keyword- and tactical-centric," he writes. "Sure their title tags aren't optimized and the site architecture could use work, but so what? First thing is first--find out how they rank in search results today." - Read the whole story...

Tying Brand Keywords Into Rankings
SEO Book
Peter Da Vanzo writes that "SEO used to be about tweaking code, but these days, it has more in common with traditional PR and marketing." I couldn't agree more. Search is changing and social networks are playing a major role in the shift. He suggests building on the personal network others write about by tapping into the keywords in the posts. "People will naturally use your keyword terms when they speak about you, both in links, and in context," he writes.

Brand recognition won't happen over night. It takes work. But Da Vanzo suggests Google will begin to use more of the quality signals than links to rank queries. "They'll be looking at personal metrics, including social media metrics, like bookmarking" he writes. "They'll be looking at the terms people use most when talking about a brand or person." - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Tuesday, April 14, 2009


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