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Section 2-Around the Net in Search: Paid Search, SEO: Where To Start?

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Getting SEO Buy-In Using The Sandwich Theory
Search Engine Land
Successful SEO projects require buy-in from key stakeholders across the company. Duane Forrester believes marketers should look at the project like a sandwich. Similar to business, sandwiches typically have three layers: top, middle and bottom.

Educate executive management, or the top layer, on the benefits of an organic search campaign so they understand how it impacts their strategic vision, Forrester writes. The middle management will need return on investment numbers since it makes the decisions to move resources from project to project. - Read the whole story...

Link-Building Heroes
Rand Fishkin has updated the list of the most linked-to content on the Web, which shows rises and falls in link popularity across the Web's most popular sites and pages. The list reveals some interesting trends; for example, Twitter surpassed and

A few of the Web's most popular blogs rose significantly. For example, rose 10 spots, and rose 13. Surprisingly, was a big winner, too, jumping 10 positions. Among the Web's biggest gains for root domains:, up more than 71 spots;, 29;, 28;, 26;, 23; and, 22. - Read the whole story...

Avoiding Black Hat SEO Companies
Small Business Trends
Janet Meiners Thaeler identifies strategies that might classify a SEO company as dealing in "black hat" -- deceptive or unethical SEO practices. These techniques include keyword stuffing, or repeating "words or phrases so often that it's unnatural to read," and overusing bolded links. Such techniques, and companies who use them, should be avoided. While black-hat practices might get your site to the top of a page in the short term, long range it could get your site delisted from search engine rankings. Also, companies that guarantee higher rankings on competitive search keywords should set off alarms. "It's important to remember that SEO companies do not control search results and therefore can't guarantee anything," Thaeler writes. "Instead they can take specific actions to create the best chances of ranking well amongst the hundreds or thousands of other sites." - Read the whole story...

Josh Katinger Talks 404 Redirects
Search Engine Guide
Manoj Jasra gains insight into the importance of monitoring error pages through an interview with Josh Katinger, Accession Media president and co-creator of Errorlytics, which centralizes reporting and handling of 404 "Page Not Found" errors on Web sites.

Katinger tells Jasra that if you own a site that depends heavily on ad revenue, which in turn depends on page views, fixing your 404s can preserve site visits and page views. "Letting pages on your site continue to 404 is like throwing money out the window." - Read the whole story...

Paid Search, SEO: Where To Start?
It's a daunting dilemma, especially for small companies on tight budgets. Does the paid search or the SEO campaign come first? Some SEO professionals believe you need to start with both. Jeremy Martin doesn't make the decision for marketers, but does provide information to help those interested get started.

Martin provides the basics such as testing methods through A/B testing or split testing. Paid search might return quicker results, but cost more in the long run. "With SEO the key is consistency," he writes, adding that SEO professionals need to consistently build links through blogging, directories, forums and creating quality articles to help build relevant content. - Read the whole story...

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