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Section 2-Around the Net in Search: Mix Up The SEO Strategy

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Keeping Paid Search Campaigns Tidy
Marketers need to pay more attention to keeping keyword campaigns well-organized. Kevin Lee writes that pay-per-click campaigns continue to get more disorganized throughout the years. Most marketers start with Google and simply glue on new campaigns into Google Ad Groups as new associated keywords come along.

Paid search campaigns shouldn't reflect the disarray of the economy, Lee writes. He believes keeping campaigns neat could mean greater success in achieving return on investments. And if you began the campaign in Google, tidying up Google Ad Groups will give you an opportunity to expand campaigns into Microsoft and Yahoo. - Read the whole story...

Think SEO Architecture
Search Engine Journal
Putting more clicks between the home and product pages could cost companies higher page rankings in search engines. Richard Baxter reminds SEO professionals and webmasters to keep sites flat. Avoid the pyramid schema. Don't burying content within mounds of categories because fewer levels can improve sales.

Make sure search engines don't index content on development servers. Baxter writes that this is one of the most "suicidal" SEO moves companies can make. Other factors that come into play when designing a SEO strategy around the site's architecture include broken internal and external links, server header responses, duplicate content, orphaned pages and canonical redirects. - Read the whole story...

5 Search, SEO Social Media (Passover) Plagues
Noah Mallin provides an interesting spin on the biblical plagues written in the Old Testament, which are discussed during the Passover seder, likening them to the plagues of search and social media.

Mallin likens blood to red ink, locusts to content exhaustion, and darkness to Web site overload. There are 10 plagues in total. Yesterday, he provided the first five. "We've split this up into two parts, not unlike the parting of the Red Sea," he writes in Part I. - Read the whole story...

Mix Up The SEO Strategy
Search Engine Guide
Mike Moran tells us why companies many not want to do SEO work in-house. After spending years working with companies to build in-house strategies, he can now provide lots of reasons when you might want to use an agency because there are always reasons to tap a different approach.

Sometimes agencies have advantages, Moran writes. Among the reasons he suggests: Agencies are typically up-to-date on search activities, have contact with search engines, and understand best practices. "Most companies (yes, even small ones) eventually realize that they need to do a mix of outsourcing and in-house," he writes. - Read the whole story...

Grab The Correct Keywords
In a video interview with Mike Murray at Search Engine Strategies, WebProNews asks about keyword selection. People make the mistake after researching keywords to bid on words as people search on them, though the words don't appear on their Web site. Companies must have a page that supports every keyword.

Another trend Murray discusses centers on whether the domain really influences the keywords for the rankings. "I call it people with their heads in their clouds [and] I'm just going to dream up these words I'd like to have," he says, joking. "They need to come back down to earth and be more practical." - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Friday, April 10, 2009


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