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Section 2-Around the Net in Search: L.A. SEO Meetup Identified Setbacks

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Motions Charts Sharpen Focus
Pure Visibility
Google Analytics Motion Charts give analysts the ability to give data "point pattern analysis," according to Jessica Hullman. The visualization tool offers a wealth of insight at one glance, but Hullman has noticed the Google's feature hasn't gained much traction. She attempts to analyze why, suggesting that many marketers' and SEO professionals' relative lack of experience graphing data could contribute to the problem.

Did Google goof, Hullman asks. "Despite the focus on the graphs themselves, thinking about the audience is a huge part of the successful application of a visualization tool," she writes. "A user's 'graph sense' is the knowledge that develops gradually as a result of creating and using graphs in variety of problem contexts." - Read the whole story...

SEO Roadmap
Online Marketing Blog
Establish a plan, create a tactical mix of social media efforts, and put together metrics to measure goals. Sounds simple, but planning a SEO and social media roadmap has never been more critical, especially since marketing budgets remain tight and gaining and maintaining customer confidence is critical to success.

Lee Odden runs through steps to create a roadmap and provides additional insight by outlining an example. Pointing to the site The Student LoanDown, a blog about student loans and college financing from Wells Fargo, he identifies 29 keywords -- yet the site doesn't rank in Google's first page for 26 of them. Odden explains why and makes some suggestions for improvements. - Read the whole story...

Digg's Toolbar Disrupts SEO Flow
Los Angeles Times
A new toolbar recently launched by social news site Digg has sent bloggers into a tizzy. Some suggest it stands between Internet content and Google's search indexing algorithm, according to Mark Mullen. In response, Digg said Wednesday it would work closely with SEO experts to ensure search engines could index the code.

Mullen suggests the new toolbar brings up host of other issues, too, from "Digg drinking all the [link] juice," to taking up prime "onscreen real estate." But it also lets sites weave in ads and other features to "improve the browsing experience." Digg might have settled the SEO debate, but critics remain bothered by many others, he writes. - Read the whole story...

Google Ignores Meta Description Tags
Search Engine Journal
Todd Mintz believes that Google selectively ignores description tags, which means the giant giant algorithmically decides whether a meta-description tag "sucks or not based upon how well the user query maps to the tag."

Mintz suggests that "If it sucks," Google shows a relevant text snippet. If it's good, the search engine displays the tag verbatim. This would make the results from search engine queries much clearer and more precise for searchers, Mintz writes. It would also solve problems of having to write meta-description tags that map to all possible user intents, which Mintz suggests is nearly impossible to do. - Read the whole story...

L.A. SEO Meetup Identified Setbacks
Search Engine Land
Live Search Lead Program Manager Monica Buggia, and former Googler Vanessa Fox, gave a presentation on identifying a Web site's SEO setbacks in Los Angeles Tuesday night.

Reporter Virginia Nussey writes that Fox compared a Web site's rankings to the tip of an iceberg -- merely the surface appearance of a larger hidden structure. Focusing on one piece of the SEO and Web development relationship, Buggia and Fox outlined steps to diagnose ranking and indexing problems. A flow chart to locate a clog in the pipeline demonstrated how to identify traffic drops, as well as crawling, indexing and ranking problems. - Read the whole story...

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