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Section 2-Around the Net in Search: Handing Control To SEO Experts

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SEO Jobs In Demand
Elance Blog
The demand for those working in search engine optimization is on the rise, according to the April Online Work Index published by Elance, an online job network that connects businesses with professionals. SEO positions rank No. 14 in demand, rising one spot in the last month. There are more than 450 job posts for SEO professionals on the site. Businesses are alsochasing expertise in open source technologies and social media, as marketers attempt to connect brands with consumers through YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Elance notes the demand for online work is rising across the board as businesses manage with tighter budgets and growing workloads. Marketing and IT departments are hiring part-time online staff as an alternative to adding full-time workers. - Read the whole story...

The Pros Of Outsourcing Paid Search Tasks
Search Engine Land
Sometimes Todd Miechiels feels a lot like John Henry, a steel-drivin' man who tunneled through mountains with a sledge hammer. Miechiels likens Henry's task to managing precious budgets for paid search campaign across multiple ad networks, using manual tools and labor.

To lighten the work burden, Miechiels suggests companies may want to outsource rather than try and do it themselves. He defines "digging and blasting" to emphasize the point that some paid search tasks take precious time and "once the strategy has been clearly defined, can be executed by relatively cheap labor and in many cases automatically by a computer." He lays out the pros and cons of bringing in outside help, as well as how to gain the best from both worlds. - Read the whole story...

New Engine SEOs Will LOVE
A search engine built just for SEOs? One where you can remove your competition from search engine results on a whim -- or add your own site immediately? Danny Dover tops the April Fool's spoof of the day by announcing a search engine created by that allows you to do all that, and more.

The crew actually built a working site at Search on a few keyword terms. I guarantee it will put a smile on your face. - Read the whole story...

Trim The Fat From AdWords
PPC Hero
Google AdWords offers a placement performance report that can help you remove under-performing Web sites from your campaign, according to Joe, who provides a few tips on the tool. Depending on how poorly a Web site is performing, you can exclude your ads from that site at varying levels to enhance its performance, he writes.

You can also exclude your ads from entire categories of content -- including "crime, police & emergency," "death & tragedy," and "military and international conflict." - Read the whole story...

Handing Control To SEO Experts
Search Engine Guide
You don't need to give up total control to get results when working with SEO experts, according to Stoney deGeyter.

The balancing act ranges from deciding how much sensitive information and site access to give the SEO firms, to vetoing recommendations yet still getting results. "The amount of access the SEO needs and time you'll be required to invest in a particular campaign can dramatically change the dynamic of the campaign as well as the SEO's ability to ensure the campaign's success," he writes. "Having this information before you begin can help you plan and prepare for the logistics of campaign implementation." - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Wednesday, April 1, 2009


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