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Section 2-Around the Net in Search: Does AdWords Management Measure Up?

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AOL's Spammy Mess
AOL quietly launched, a site many SEO experts like Aaron Wall believe is nothing more than spam. Wall describes as a mashup of remixed Twitter posts, YouTube videos, third-party content snippets, and other spammy stuff.

" is so bad that it inspired this quote from noted SEO expert Jeremy Luebke, 'This stuff make Mahalo look like the best site on the net,"' Wall writes. "What did Eric Schmidt say? 'brands are how you sort out the cesspool.' As soon as Google started dialing up on brand, brand owners got the message, and have reacted quickly." - Read the whole story...

Don't Change Google Content Campaigns That Work
PPC Hero
If it's not broken, why fix it? Create a new campaign instead to generate additional traffic. Joe gives us several reasons why harnessing the Google AdWords content network can provide a great source for traffic, leads and revenue. He provides tips on optimizing performance by expanding reach and visibility.

One tip includes starting a new campaign without cannibalizing performance of the preexisting content networks. His new campaign had re-organized keyword groups, so different themes were established and, in theory, ads would appear on new targeted sites. Joe defines "themes" as the groups within AdWords that Google places the keywords. - Read the whole story...

SEO Company Raises $10 Million
TechCrunch reports that money continues to flow from venture capitalists to SEO companies. Conductor, a New York-based SEO measurement and optimization provider, has raised $10 million in Series B funding led by Matrix Partners and joined by FirstMark Capital, who led the fledgling's Series A round.

The funding -- along with a management team that includes former executives from ContextWeb, Apple, Yahoo and DoubleClick -- could give Conductor the means to compete better, according to Robin Wauters. - Read the whole story...

MySpace Local Gets 'F' For SEO Failures
Search Engine Land
MySpace and CitySearch drew media attention recently with the announcement of MySpace Local, but according to Steve Espinosa the companies either botched or totally ignored implementing a SEO strategy. He writes that MySpace Local uses IP geographical targeting to display a custom home page based on detecting the user's location, which some experts believe doesn't work.

Espinosa details other mistakes in his lengthy post, such as the way the site lists recent business reviews. Many of the links and content rely on java script, which means "no link juice is passed," so search engines won't quickly index the reviews. - Read the whole story...

Does AdWords Management Measure Up?
Pure Visibility
It's not difficult to measure the return on investment for pay-per-click advertising. Results are traceable through Google AdWords, according to Steve Loszewski.

Google offers a tool that estimates traffic to Web sites and can help determine the ROI. The traffic estimator helps crunch numbers. Loszewski provides directions on entering the required values, such as terms that describe the offering, and country being targeted. After entering the information, clicking "continue" provides the estimate. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Wednesday, April 29, 2009


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