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Section 2-Around the Net in Search: AdWords Tracking Options

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SEO Search For Local Businesses
Search Engine Land
It's rarely a good idea to add your street address to the title tag. Too much information in the tag can hurt a site trying to rank highest for their most important keyword phrases. Chris Smith, however, believes there's an exception to this rule.

Smith calls it "leveraging reverse search for local SEO." It works when the address is on a famous street or near a famous building such as Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles or the Empire State Building in New York. This strategy is especially helpful when people search for businesses on Google Maps. - Read the whole story...

Spying On Competitors' PPC Strategy
Search Engine Journal
If you want to keep tabs on competitors' PPC strategies straight from the search engine results page, Ann Smarty tells us about a FireFox extension called SEOquake that has been integrated with SEMrush, a research tool.

Smarty writes that clicking on the SEMrush icon lets you see all the terms the domain owner bought, paid search data, position, number of results, cost per click (CPC), and more. - Read the whole story...

Amazon Ends PPC Program
Marketing Pilgrim
Amazon has stopped paying referral frees to Amazon Affiliates that send users to Amazon sites through paid search keyword bidding from Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other search engines. Andy Beal speculates that the online retailer realized it could make more money from paid search if it cut out the middleman.

While you can no longer send traffic directly to Amazon through paid search campaigns, Beal provides some tips on how to get around the change. He also provides a letter to program participants from Amazon. - Read the whole story...

Twitter Basic Tools, Resources
Search Engine Watch
There are tons of tools and resources to help you manage tweets on Twitter. Ron Jones runs down a list, providing details on each. TweetDeck, for example, lets you group friends into themed columns such as search topics and sports.

Jones also serves up insight into understanding the lingo people use to communicate in tweets. For example, he writes that "RT is short for 'retweet.' If you read a tweet that you'd like to share with your followers, you would put an 'RT @username:' in front of the tweet and then send it on." - Read the whole story...

AdWords Tracking Options
Google Analytics Blog
With a new tracking option in AdWords Rich Media and Video templates, Google has found a way to help lower bounce rates for display ads. It also provides insight into why site visitors click on some ads rather than others. Ryan Hayward defines bounce rate as the percent of users who leave your Web site after viewing one page.

These new templates let sites show several products and define multiple destination URLs within the same ad. Google Analytics lets you add tracking parameters to the end of each destination URL, telling you exactly the items users found most interesting in the ad. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Monday, April 6, 2009


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