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Section 2-Around the Net in Search: 3 Patents That Identify Spam-Level Detection

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What Can A Google Patent Filed In 2003 Offer Today?
SEO by the Sea
A patent granted to Google this week would enable people to see information about page links by mousing over them. The search engine filed the patent, "Methods and systems for assisted network browsing," in 2003.

Bill Slawski makes no assumption that Google will implement this feature, but looks at numerous options made possible by the patent. Slawski ponders possibilities for use in Google's browser Chrome. He also considers having the ability to see what's behind the links' destination before clicking on it - like ratings, annotations, anchor test, history of use, and summaries or other data points. - Read the whole story...

Testing New AdWords Interface
PPC Hero
Google has been testing new features in AdWord with a handful of users. Amber took the product for a spin. In this lengthy post, she writes that the new AdWords interface looks and feels similar to the old, but offers a handful of upgrades that make the new version "very cool."

Amber says she appreciates having to click through fewer windows to complete a task, and that Google has made it easier to add new campaign and ad groups. "One thing I hate is the left hand navigation with the list of campaigns and help section," she writes. "Even though you can click on the little arrows to move the left nav over, if you click in that area it pops back over and I keep having to click the arrows to move it back over again." - Read the whole story...

3 Patents That Identify Spam-Level Detection
Make sure sites that link to yours are "good neighbors" or risk the chance that Google, Yahoo and Microsoft will drop your site's ranking in search engine queries. David Harry looks at host-level spam detection by reviewing three Yahoo patents.

These patents identify spam hosts using stacked graphical learning, and detect spam hosts based on propagating predictions labels, as well as clustering host graphs. Harry runs through the patents providing details for each. To help understand how search engines look at spam clusters, Harry suggests reading up on TrustRank or HarmonicRank concept. - Read the whole story...

Profiting From Mid-Tail Keywords
WordStream Internet Marketing Blog
Long-tail keywords drive more traffic in aggregate than main category keywords, but they are typically difficult to manage; it's nearly impossible to create a predictive model for their success.

This WordStream post suggests positioning your site's SEO strategy to drive long-tail keyword traffic to the site, but focusing on using mid-tail keywords because the site will gain better performance. SEO professionals can do this by structuring Web sites to acquire longer-tail traffic by carefully planning interlinking and link-building and content creation strategies to aggressively target mid-tail keywords. - Read the whole story...

AdWords Filters Falter, Sending To Court
TechCrunch, built by online marketing guru Jeremy Schoemaker, has sued Google after discovering someone bidding on his trademarked name. What went awry? AdWords filters didn't work, according to Jason Kincaid, who writes that the evidence points to a Google employee.

"A friend of Schoemaker's discovered that the violator had a number of friends on Facebook who worked for Google's AdWords," Kincaid writes. "A cached version of his LinkedIn profile stated that he is an employee at Google working as an AdWords Account Strategist, though the title has since been removed." - Read the whole story...

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