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Section 2-Around the Net in Search: Integrating Video Search Into Campaigns

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The Two Brains Behind Campaign Bids
Automated technology to manage search campaign bids can provide "huge opportunities" and eliminate waste, but it takes two brains to get the job done: "the human brain and the algorithmic brain," according to Kevin Lee. He discusses the characteristics of both, which must work in tandem to create a well-balanced campaign.

Lee explains the importance of marketers and SEO professionals understanding the intrinsic concepts that go into the bidding system's algorithm. But he also provides a list of features to look for before purchasing a bidding engine -- especially the ability to provide predictive analysis. "The algorithm must also be reactive," he writes. "Reactivity is akin to the program trading software on Wall Street that reacts to a change in the financial ecosystem." - Read the whole story...

Integrating Video Search Into Campaigns
Integrating video search as part of the overall SEO strategy can help Web site content climb in search engine rankings, according to Jon Myers, who suggests visuals in search engine queries attract more clicks at "a very cost effective return considering the placements in Google are free!"

Myers provides a 10 tips to optimize Web sites for Universal Search. The list begins with creating and uploading videos into YouTube, defining targeted keywords that are tagged well in titles and descriptions, and building comments that tell Google the videos are important and should rank high in SERPs. - Read the whole story...

Google Expands AdWords Web Interface Testing
Google AdWords
Inside AdWords Guru Emel Mutlu tells us that Google has expanded the base of advertisers testing the beta of an AdWords Web interface. Tests, which began in November, have proved the new interface makes AdWords campaign management faster, clearer, and more intuitive, he notes.

Mutlu lists several features Google has been testing. And although he notes the new interface remains a work in progress, the changes have made it easier for marketers to find their most important keywords across ad groups, navigate and edit accounts quickly, and access and act on reports. - Read the whole story...

Managing Client Relationships
SEMGeek's "Back to the Classroom PPC" blog series begins by highligting the importance of creating a template documents for the different phases of client relationships.

The detailed plan steps through each phase: discovery, where goals are discussed; planning and strategy; setup and launch; optimization and expansion; and monthly performance reports. "Providing the client with a detailed plan of what you are doing to help their online marketing efforts is a WIN-WIN for everyone," the blog notes. - Read the whole story...

AdRank, CPC: Google's Ad Auction
ROI Revolution
Erin Skinner taps into a Google video staring Chief Economist Hal Varian to explain how Google determines Ad Rank and an advertiser's click cost. The post might make you feel like you're back in high school math class, but Skinner carefully explains each process with charts and examples.

He writes that "the main takeaway that I hope you see underneath all these numbers is that keeping a strong quality score is the key to lower costs and better positions." - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Friday, March 27, 2009


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