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Section 2-Around the Net in Search: Demandbase Improves Conversions

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AdWords Placement Performance Advantages
PPC Hero
Google's AdWords' Placement Performance Report provides detailed information on where your ads have appeared in the Content Network and how they performed on each URL and Web site. While the report provides tons of great information, you need to know how to interpret the data, according to Joe, who provides tips.

For instance, SEO experts who optimize their Content Network performance to better target ads will want to remove sites that are under-performing. The Placement Performance Report provides stats at the URL level, and not just the domain, breaking down the information from each site by providing more details. - Read the whole story... Unveils Backlink Anchor Text Analyzer
SEOmozBlog launched Monday the retooled Backlink Anchor Text Analyzer, powered by Linkscape and only available to PRO members. The new tool adds to previous functions such as anchor test distribution. The most common anchor text includes "here," "visit our blog," and "my blog," according to Nick Gerner.

Gerner writes that along with Linkscape data from mozRank, SEO professionals can see both which Web sites are and are not contributing most to their site's popularity. In the example Gerner provides, the tool found 88 backlinks. - Read the whole story...

Better Link-Building Results For Less
Search Engine Land
The idea of wrapping several programs into a neat little package has increased in popularity since the economy began to sour. According to Debra Mastaler, more of her clients are willing to cut back on the number of link building techniques her company, Alliance Link, has been using -- but not the quality of the links secured. The volume of requests prompted her to look at ways to trim some programs without "sacrificing quality or effectiveness."

Mastaler explains how she tweaked her company's directory submission program. "Securing directory links is still worth it in my opinion, but you have an opportunity to do a great deal more simply by using the elements found on your site instead of your site as a whole," she writes. - Read the whole story...

The Unfortunate Realities Of Organic SEO
The Future Buzz
A controversy brewing between link-bait generating editorial buzz, white-hat marketing/PR tactics, and "sponsored conversations" spurred from a recent Forrester Research report and articles in the press drove Adam Singer to write a long post (nearly a novella) to try and set the record straight. Sponsored blog posts and articles can tie into organic SEO strategies to raise awareness, but at what cost?

Singer summarizes the long Forrest report, stepping through what he calls "the unfortunate reality emerging" around sponsored blogs. For instance, in the post's summary he writes that search engines will discover illegitimate cash-for-link disruptions and take action, and traditional link-bait campaigns could one day be worth less if search engines are forced to devalue links from bloggers. - Read the whole story...

Demandbase Improves Conversions
Search Engine Watch
A "conversion efficiency tool" from Demandbase lets marketers identify site visitors and reach out to them, according to Eric Enge. He writes that while companies invest in SEO teams who design and run PPC campaigns, around 90% of the incoming traffic on B2B Web sites never convert into business or leads.

Enge explains how the tool works. He writes that it relies on a variety of databases such as ARIN, the American Registry for Internet Numbers. "Using the IP address of the incoming visitor, ARIN can be used to determine which company (if any) that user is coming from," he writes.

Enge also lists several benefits and explains how to reach your goals. For instance, "if you have the highest conversion efficiency in your market space, you can bid your PPC campaigns up into the number one position for key terms." This lets you expand SEO efforts, and increase your display advertising spend. - Read the whole story...

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