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Section 2-Around the Net in Search: @Zappos, @WholeFoods Twitter Successes

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Google AdSense Ads Expand
Search Engine Journal
Google rolled out an expandable advertising format this week that lets marketers put more information into ads. Arnold Zafra summarizes the features based, in part, on information at an Google AdSense blog post.

The advertisements expand after someone clicks or interacts with them such as a rolling or mousing over the ad. The expandable ad feature is available to AdSense users in North America and Europe. Marketers need to enable the image ads feature in their AdSense account. "Earnings for these expandable ads can either be on a CPC or CPM basis," Zafra writes. "CPC revenues apply for actual visits to the ads landing page." He also provides a sample to demonstrate how the ad expands. - Read the whole story...

Architectures Make Sites Naturally Crawlable
Search Engine Land
A sitemap provides search engines with the URLs, but SEO experts and Webmasters also need to provide a crawlable navigation scheme to leverage the power of internal anchor text on Web sites. Michael Gray tells us without that anchor text it becomes more difficult for search engines to understand what's on the page.

The new canonical tag has the ability to identify identical pages, but Gray believes site owners need to start thinking more about structure. Make it "naturally crawlable," he writes. He reminds us that "tools like sitemaps and canonical tags should supplement, but never replace or displace standard crawling as the way your Web site interacts with search engines." - Read the whole story...

4 Yahoo Tools Rev Up Strategies
Yahoo Search Marketing Blog
Analytics tools, reports, forecasting tools, and campaign tune-up to analyze and generate a proposal are Kastel Waserman's picks for the essential Yahoo tools that marketers should have in their strategy toolbox.

For instance, the reporting tool lets marketers compare ad, landing page and keyword performance. Waserman explains it can help identify trends you might want to repeat. The app lets marketers set parameters, so it runs, saves and emails the report automatically. - Read the whole story...

@Zappos, @WholeFoods Twitter Successes
If you're sitting there scratching your head wondering about the best use for Twitter, Tessa Wegert serves up details on a couple of success stories. I'm the first to admit that I didn't get Twitter at first, but the post provides details on campaigns for @Zappos and @WholeFoods to aid in the discovery.

Wegart writes about the CEO who brings consumers into his life: Zappos' CEO Tony Hsieh, who shares intimate moment with Twitter followers. If "not for his occasional talk of celebrity-filled parties and television appearances, you'd think he was an average guy," she writes. And "that's what makes him so endearing." WholeFoods, Wegert explains, takes a completely different approach. - Read the whole story...

It's Computer Science, Not SEO Magic
HuoMah, the Fire Horse Trail
There's been much ado across the SEO blogosphere about Google changing algorithms to give big brands a boost. "While Google has made statements regarding the recent so-called 'brand bias' algorithm update, the fact remains we're unsure of what it is," David Harry told OnlineMediaDaily.

While some people in the search marketing world have donned their tin-foil hats, it isn't algorithmically feasible to target brands, he said. What we see is related to "Web site authority (trust) and is triggered in a limited set of query types."

Harry writes in his blog post: "My bitch, (as always) is how some SEOs are now talking about the 'brand algo' and theories on what is causing the effect (one person even asked if 'bounce rates' were the cause *#$&@ ) which does little to make us look like we know much about search engines beyond how to spell the words." So he describes further what he thinks is at play. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Thursday, March 5, 2009


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