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Section 2-Around the Net in Search: What Popular Passages Means For Web Search

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Google News Places Ads On AdWords
Google News
Google News confirmed last week it will sell AdWords placement attached to its Google News searches in the United States, like ads for searches on its engine. So when queries are entered in a Google News search box, searchers will see text ads along the right side of results.

Not all searches on Google News bring up ads. A search for "Google," for example, returns just the news. And according to Josh Cohen, Google has been experimenting with different types of technologies on Google News, such as overlay ads on embedded videos with the Associated Press.

Also last week, the search engine said it would shutter its AdWords Business Page for mobile ads, citing "low usage." Users can expect the lights to go dim on AdWords Business Pages March 23. - Read the whole story...

Adding Branding To Campaigns
Search Engine Journal
Don't forget the brand. Garrett Pierson provides tip on how to add the brand when relying on search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC) or social media to market online. For SEO, he explains, marketers will find it as simple as adding the brand name to the meta tag on the home page. The task could boost brand names in the rankings in Google, Microsoft and Yahoo search engine queries.

Pierson recommends that marketers stay on message when relying on several media to communicate ideas. "Once your brand becomes recognizable and you provide great content to the readers and groups on these social sites you will find an increase in brand awareness and more than likely a boost in sales," Pierson writes. - Read the whole story...

Benefiting From Social Media, SEO Shifts
Search Engine Land
Eric Enge discusses what social media means for search experts and marketers. He believes the mix of SEO and social media should change the way marketers view linking. While developing link bait for Web site content that could make the front page of Digg or Reddit is important, SEO experts might want to start thinking about how Twitter and Facebook let brands share information to help build quality links.

"Personally, I don't think that social media signals will replace links as a ranking signal, but will instead complement them," he writes. Mentions of brands across social media sites will remain valuable, but marketers will need to know the benefits gained from the data. - Read the whole story...

What Popular Passages Means For Web Search
SEO by the Sea
Bill Slawski explains Google's tool Popular Passages, which lets you create links between books and other publications based on shared passages and quotes. This is one of the most popular navigational features of Google Book Search, which also includes such items as "a list of the 'key terms' that appear in the book with links to where they show up," and a "Google Map to places mentioned in the books," notes Slawski.

Popular Passage is also useful for patent filings. And what does its popularity mean for Web search? More tools that do similar jobs of linking key terms and passages in publications may be coming, says Slawski. - Read the whole story...

Skittles Launches Ultimate Twitter Viral Campaign
Skittles, known for its colorfully coated candies, has replaced its traditional Web site with a suite of social network tools that let you chat with others and search for your favorite taste and color. The homepage displays tweets from consumers -- reportedly every 20 to 30 seconds someone posts a tweet about Skittles (a marketer's dream come true).

Once they enter their birthday, site visitors are free to roam the tweets and social media pages. Features give you options to check out products, chatter, friends, media and contacts. The 'Products" section features calorie counts for each product. In the "Media section," the Mars Snackfood brand has posted several photos, along with a video commercial. Site visitors can leave comments, too. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Monday, March 2, 2009


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