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Section 2-Around the Net in Search: SEO Tips To Optimize Existing Links

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AdWords Back To Basic URL Tips And Beyond
Search Engine Land
Display URL basics, trademark and editorial concerns, quality scores, and answers to questions about whether you might need the "www" in the URL string are some of the topics Brad Geddes covers in this post. "The display URL is also a prime candidate for ad testing," he writes. "A good display URL can increase your click through rate, increase your conversion rate, and improve your quality score which in turn, causes your ad to show higher in the search results or lets you pay less for your current clicks."

Geddes explains how the URL can become a quality score metric. The lengthy post also provides visual examples of testing display URL signals and provides insight into whether it's a good idea to use a /folder after the display URL. - Read the whole story...

Three Promising Catalysts For Recovery
Gary Stein hopes "history will repeat itself" with similar innovation that led online advertising out of the downturn experienced in 2001. The first half of the post mumbles through history, but scroll to the second half and you'll find what he believes are three promising catalysts for recovery.

These are: leveraging the data from social media to find new ways to market; "computing power" in many previously uncomputerized devices, leading o "new opportunities to reach people in new ways"; and the "dawn of the full-screen mode era," in which computer users can be "totally focused on watching content," he writes. "This is really a new way of using computers and is bound to offer some new ways to communicate, even if it is just a smart, efficient way to serve video ads." - Read the whole story...

SEO-Un-Friendly Town Contemplates Name Change
Times Online
Ever thought about changing the name of your company because it's spelled like another? The small Normandy town of Eu did. The mayor recognized that the town's rich heritage wasn't enough to bring in tourists, many of whom relied on the Internet to find point of interest around Europe. Try to find Eu on Google, Microsoft Live Search or Yahoo and the query will likely return a long list of European-Union-related Web sites.

The last straw came when the computers of the SNCF railways decided that Eu did not exist. The article steps through possible actions the town's mayor will take to make the town's name more SEO-friendly. - Read the whole story...

Live Search Rebranding, Rollout Tested
Kip Kniskern tells us Microsoft Live Search has been rolling out tests that may or may not be a part of those new features expected with the coming release of "code name 'Kiev."' He also points to other features that "pop in and out" of the live.com home image page.

Readers have spotted glimpse of search histories on the results page, search results in a new font, and two new feature dubbed Best Match and Categorized Listing. Thanks to Twitter, we find all this may be more than just a rumor. A tweet by "Karenyo," Karen Yong of the MVP program, reveals Steve Ballmer may have something to say Wednesday at the MVP Summit keynote. - Read the whole story...

SEO Tips To Optimize Existing Links
Winning the Web
Asking for more links without getting greedy might be a sensitive subject, but Gyutae Park provides marketers and SEO experts with dos and don'ts to consider. He also serves up insight on optimizing link anchor text, correcting errors, changing link locations, and turning your site name references into valuable links.

Park also provides links to Google Webmaster, SEO Spyglass and Link Diagnosis, Web tools that can help you optimize your site. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Tuesday, March 3, 2009


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