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Section 2-Around the Net in Search: SEO Geo-Targeting

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Google Base Opens Doors For Internet Marketers
Best Rank
Google Base gives marketers another tool. Ryan Frank calls the product "Google's mash up of eBay, Craigslist, and Shopzilla." Unlike Google's online shopping search engine Product Search, Google Base is a free Google service that lets you publish information for inclusion in search results, even if you don't have a Web site.

Google Base creates and hosts unique URLs for, say, a particular product. Frank serves up information on listing products and tells us the difference between using custom listings and data feeds. He suggests using standard data feed attributes such as title, description, and price for all your items to improve product ranking in search results. If you have information for your items that doesn't fit into one of Google's defined attributes, simply create your own in custom attributes. - Read the whole story...

If Your Site Looks Like It's Under Construction...
Daily SEO Tip
Broken links, errors and duplicate content on your site can throw search engines for a loop, making them think your site is under construction.

Loren Baker suggests using a tool called Xenu's Link Sleuth to help find and fix problems with broken links that can send visitors error messages, broken images and multimedia content that doesn't load properly. For duplicate content problems, he recommends the free Virante Duplicate Content tool. - Read the whole story...

Local Search Tips
Search Engine Watch
Study your competition to discover where they have local link groupings -- an Internet page where all, or most of, your competitors get incoming links, according to Ron Jones. "Then focus on bundling your site into that grouping of local links."

Jones also suggests working Twitter and mobile into your local search campaigns. He provides a link to a site with a list of those who tweet about local search. He also shares Kelsey Group stats on mobile you might want to consider when mapping future campaigns. For instance, "the percentage of mobile searches that have local intent will increase from 28% in 2008 to 35% in 2013." - Read the whole story...

Jonathan Mendez: One-On-On Interview
SEO Book
What it means for search to become the display OS. How to value search impressions. The slow and painful transition of ad dollars from offline to online. These are some of the topics Jonathan Mendez discusses as he's interviewed by Aaron Wall.

Mendez has been working at SEO and PPC for many years. He's passionate about the Web and trying to make the content more relevant. The interview reflects his love for learning and optimizing the delivery and presentation of information. "As an industry we tend to divide the web into vectors but we often lose sight that the Web experience for people is linear," Mendez tells Wall. "The more holistic understanding we have generally the better our results." - Read the whole story...

SEO Geo-Targeting
HuoMah, the Fire Horse Trail
David Harry writes that he has discovered a Google patent containing a "language component" that can identify geographically targeted keywords -- that is, considering dialects and related languages (for example, Spanish and Portuguese) from a particular region.

The patent is "a workable template for geo-targeting in SEO," Harry writes. "Much of it really solidifies what we already know, while other nuances may be that tweak you were looking for. We should bear in mind that the usual suspects from the ranking line-up still apply." In the post, Harry tells us how this can help serve up more relevant results in SEO campaigns. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Tuesday, March 10, 2009


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