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Section 2-Around the Net in Search: Hidden SEO Treasures In The Semantic Web

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Ad Auction Basics
Google Blog
Marketers may have experience with the AdWords auction model, but Austin Rachlin reminds us of the basics for the newbies or those who need a refresher. Unlike the "prize being sold for the highest bid" model, AdWords works a little differently: the winner pays the minimum, amount necessary to maintain a position on the page -- only enough for each click to beat the next highest bid.

The post also explains ad ranks, and more. - Read the whole story...

How Email And Social Media Can Work Together
Sherpa Blog
Do you have doubts that email will survive as a method to reach potential and existing customers? The rise of social media marketing on Twitter and Facebook has put that thought in marketers' heads, but MarketingSherpa Senior Analyst Sergio Balegno believes there are ways to make social media and email marketing work together.

In an interview with Sean Donahue, Balegno gives perspective on how to integrate the two channels in marketing campaigns, as well as the hidden costs behind social media. Balegno, explains that "there's the perception that social media is a low-cost tactic." While capital investments are generally low, there's a high cost associated with the human capital required to implement the campaigns. - Read the whole story...

Where To Find Fresh Copy Daily
Daily SEO Tips
To get a high ranking in search engines, you have to continually post fresh and relevant content. Easier said than done, writes Loren Baker, who provides insight on how to generate your own content as well as contract out the daily task.

Among Baker's suggestions: tap into co-workers "for blog posts or article ideas"; search craiglists for local experts to blog; find the writers in your company and get them cranking out posts. Baker also provides links to content generation services. - Read the whole story...

PPC Check List To Improve Web Site Performance
PPC Hero
For those SEO experts who have "have done everything to their PPC account and still can't get the results they need to meet their goals," Amber Speer outlines a 15-point checklist to follow.

For example: "Check your settings for old and new campaigns to be sure you're geo-targeting, you're testing ads evenly, and to be sure you have your ads running at all times of the day." The detailed instructions on each item should help you get more from tighter budgets. - Read the whole story...

Hidden SEO Treasures In The Semantic Web
What does "semantic Web" mean -- and how it will affect marketers' SEO efforts? Aaron Strout and John Cass write that two technologies -- natural-language search and content enhancement -- promise to bring companies much closer to customers, as well as deliver consumers more relevant content, but there are nuances to the technologies that marketers should know.

So, Strout and Cass try and boil down the term to a few basic concepts. They remind us that search engines don't understand what they read, but rather scour billions of documents for keywords and return results based on a set of SEO criteria. After defining the basics, the two detail ways the semantic Web has begun to help marketers through natural-language search and enhancements to content. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Friday, March 13, 2009


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