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Section 2-Around the Net in Search: Have Google's Algorithms Changed?

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Not Everyone Has SEO Aptitude
Search Engine Land
While Jessica Bowman believes not everyone has the aptitude to become a search engine optimization (SEO) expert, she tells us how someone lacking in the experience and the skills can get the job done. Bowman believes large companies have the most opportunities to deploy a successful SEO strategy, but typically have the most headaches trying to implement it. Among her recommendations: "You document the process to the Nth degree so that anyone can do it, and tell them how long it would take"; using an outside search expert for limited back-up.

It's no secret tight budgets have forced more companies to pull SEO in-house. Last month at the SMX West conference, I sat next to an SEO expert at a mid-size company who said he expects to save the company $100,000 of the $170,000 yearly spend on SEO by pulling the job in-house.

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Have Google's Algorithms Changed?
Big brands appear to be ranking higher in search engine results on Google. Once again, this topic ignites the debate on whether Google has changed its algorithms to give larger brands an advantage over the little guys, according to Aaron Wall also recently hashed out the debate at Some theorize that major brands'relevancy targeting has improved.

"One of the most obvious apparent shifts with this algorithm update will be an emphasis in search saturation and off page branding [that's] possibly measured through Google's PPC engine AdWords with specific connections to their audio and TV ads," according to the post. Charts and graphs demonstrate the lift in rankings.

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12 Newbie SEO Mistakes
Repetitive keyword targeting, splitting efforts across many domains, reciprocal linking, keyword stuffing, and avoiding XML sitemaps are some of the 12 mistakes that SEO newcomers make, according to Rand Fishkin. Hecan see the "struggles and misconceptions that affect entrants" into the field.

For instance, of No. 9 on the list, ignoring non-Google search sngines, he writes, "Why limit yourself to Google!? Just because they're the market leader doesn't mean that another 15-20% of search traffic from Yahoo!, MSN & Ask isn't worthwhile. Most people salivate at boosting SEO 15-20% but continue to ignore the other engines. As a first step, at least register with Live Webmaster Tools and Yahoo! Site Explorer and send them your sitemap." - Read the whole story...

Tips From Conversion Rate Experts
SEO Book
Online marketers who need help with turning Web site viewers into purchasers might want to take a look at Aaron Wall's interview with Ben and Karl from Conversion Rate Experts.

Conversion Rate Experts helped Wall grow the conversion rate on his site by 124%. The interview contains tips on getting to know your customers better, keeping messages on your Web consistent, correcting the target audience after you have found you have missed the mark, finding the pages on the site that bring in the most conversions, and improving the pages or parts of the Web site that don't bring in conversions at all. - Read the whole story...

Getting More From AdWords With Google Friend Connect
Adding social features on your Web site could help you gain higher returns from AdWords campaigns. "When you pay for people to click on your ad, you probably want them to spend time on your site and hopefully return to your site," writes Christian Yee. "One way to make your advertising dollar go further by keeping visitors on your site is to add social features with Google Friend Connect."

Pasting a few snippets of code on your Web site lets you add comments, ratings, and friend invitations from gadgets created by Google and the OpenSocial developer community. Visitors to your site can sign in with their Google, Yahoo, AIM or OpenID account. - Read the whole story...

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