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Section 2-Around the Net in Search: From SEO Freelancer To Corporate Guru

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A Close Look At Google's Search-Based Keyword Tool
Search Engine Land
SEO experts believe you need to combine the strengths of organic and paid search campaigns to gain the most benefit from budgets. Google has a free search-based keyword tool that lets you do just that. For starters, it gives you a list comparing the keywords that have high organic rankings alongside the keywords in AdWords campaigns.

Seeing that list gave Josh Dreller about two hundred new terms he considered adding to his client's AdWords campaign. The list already had around ten thousand keywords, he explains. The positive results gained from using the tool also prompted this interview with Google Product Manger Baris Gultekin, who explains the benefits, how to use the tool, and how it differs from other search-based tools. - Read the whole story...

Patents That Identify Top Web Site Phrases
SEO by the Sea
What if a search engine crawling your site read the content and determined the "top phrases" that describe the concepts about your site, but got it wrong? Would you want the option to make changes? William Slawski tells us about a new patent filing from Google that describes a way for Web site owners and site administrators to view top phrases assigned to their sites by a phrase-based indexing system.

The feature would allow site owners and administrators to add related phrases. This would help Google better index the Web site's pages. It's one of several Google patent filings involving phrase-based indexing, according to Slawski. He suggests owners should look more closely at their site's content to see how well topics and concepts are expressed and understood by readers, as well as indexed by search engines. - Read the whole story...

How To Set Up A PPC Campaign
Search Engine Watch
If you don't have a lot of experience setting up pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, Ron Jones offers advice on getting started with Google AdWords. He believes it's the easiest PPC tool to work with. Once up and running on Google AdWords, you can tie in to other networks, he writes.

Jones provides advice on content structuring, finding the correct keywords, and setting up campaigns. "Be careful not to fall into the trap of dumping all your keywords into one or two broad campaigns," he writes. "This will dilute the value of each of the keywords in the campaign, blur the relevance, and get poor quality scores." - Read the whole story...

6 SEO Tips For Search On Twitter
Winning the Web
Understanding the language of potential customers is crucial to improving search traffic and your marketing message. Gyutae Park looks at six ways to optimize your Web site to most effectively take advantage of Twitter and its search features.

Park suggests branding yourself and your Twitter profile, building relationships to gain more followers, adding to the conversation, and more. He also refers to a post from Patrick Altoft titled "If Google did Twitter Search," which explains how Twitter might improve its search algorithm to increase the relevance of its search results. - Read the whole story...

From SEO Freelancer To Corporate Guru
SEO Scoop
Ben McKay tells us how he made the transition from freelancing for three SEM agencies, to working for the agency Mediaedge:cia, in hope of providing insight to those considering making the move, too. Now that he's having frequent contact with planners and managers, he's been learning, for example, how SEO is integrated into other marketing services, and that SEO requires buy-in from multiple people at the client.

"One thing that has surprised me is that SEO in many ways does appear to be totally scalable," McKay writes. "Resource-wise too, it does seem that as the client gets larger, the market becomes more competitive but the output of the SEO activity can grow too, so there is not a limit in capacity." - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Monday, March 16, 2009


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