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Section 2-Around the Net in Search: Earth To Steve Ballmer

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SEO, Usability Experts Must Work It Out
Search Engine Land
It's an ongoing dilemma: SEO experts and usability professionals don't understand the others' role. Shari Thurow believes both are equally important and must work in tandem.

People who work to make the Web site experience better sometimes remove important keywords from a page thinking it benefits site visitors. Often removing those keywords make it more difficult users to find the information they need. Web page content should, in part, focus on keywords, Thurow writes. If they don't, searchers can abandon the Web page. She provides tips on the type of information usability and SEO experts need to share to improve communication, which will benefit both clients and Web site visitors. - Read the whole story...

ToysRUs Needs SEO
ToysRUs spent $5.1 million on the domain name, but Google has reportedly delisted the URL in its search engine, according to Andrew Allemann. The value of Toys 'R' Us' multimillion dollar purchase has now been "relegated to type-in traffic and potentially some of the inbound links to," he writes.

In a post earlier this month, Allemann explains ranks No. 1 for the term. ranks No. 4. He warned Toys 'R' Us could lose's ranking for the term "toys" by forwarding the domain to the company's Web site, "It also appears the toy company could use some help managing its domain names," he writes. For example, it owns the typo (no "s" on the end of "toys"), but it doesn't forward to the company's Web site - Read the whole story...

How Many Quality Indicators Do You Need?
Search Engine Journal
Ryan Caldwell runs through a list of 10 quality indicators for a Web site, from listing a physical address on the Web site, to optimizing internal linking.

In fact, Caldwell believes you can never have enough quality indicators. He took a philosophical approach to reach this conclusion. It started with a tweet to Twitter followers, and ended in a rant philosophizing about when gains of sand stacked in a pile become a heap. The point isn't so much about how many grains of sand make a pile as, what does it take to build an excellent SEO strategy. - Read the whole story...

EBay's Search Network
Auction site eBay gave merchants a $20 coupon to spend on its pay-per-click (PPC) ad network. The eBay AdCommerce program allows eBay sellers to promote listings through ads displayed in the sponsored results section of search results. Sellers must redeem coupons by March 31. They can use them for campaigns that run in April, according to Ina Steiner.

While eBay's gift might appear generous, most likely sellers won't be using it, writes Steiner. The keyword-targeting tool, which works like Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing, don't do much for eBay seller, Steiner writes. She provides insight into why eBay sellers get little traffic through paid search campaigns and some tips on what they might try instead. - Read the whole story...

Earth To Steve Ballmer
Microsoft's Steve Ballmer is out of touch with reality. That's according to Ray "Catfish" Comstock, who bashes Ballmer for thinking his company has brought innovations to the world of search. After all, Google first pushed Universal Search, developed Webmaster Tools to better understand how search engines index sites, and began to use quality scores to influence PPC results, he writes.

Comstock runs down a list of Google's successes and Microsoft's mistakes. He also makes several recommendations, but doesn't suggest ways to correct what he calls the years of non-innovation that has the company trailing its biggest rival in search. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Monday, March 23, 2009


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