Friday, February 13, 2009

Section 2 - Around the Net: Lingerie Brand Heats Up Twitter, Facebook

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Google, Microsoft, Yahoo Agree On 'Canonical Tag'
Google Webmaster Central
Rivals Google, Microsoft and Yahoo have united on a way to reduce duplication content that could improve the quality of online searches on your site. Google team members Joachim Kupke and Maile Ohye explain if your site has identical or vastly similar content accessible through multiple URLs, this tag format provides more control for URLs returned in search results.

The canonical attribute supported in the HTML link tag enables webmasters to specify the URL you prefer. Adding the tag to all the duplicate pages tells the search engines the version you want to use. Kupke and Ohye provide code and examples, stepping through the process. - Read the whole story...

SEM Success For Small Businesses
eCommerce Times
For those small businesses ranting that search engine marketing has not typically delivered a return on investment, Erika Morphy suggests taking another look at some free SEM tools to help get started. Limited resources or capital investment don't have to stifle your strategies or campaigns, she writes.

As the SEM industry matures, new services and products have been developed and unleashed on the market. These new approaches range from "establishing a baseline, to deciding which metric generates the most return for that particular business," Morphy writes. She provides insight into some "formulaic" processes and how to assess them. - Read the whole story...

Best Practices For Common SEO Mistakes
iMedia Connection
Brian Easter suggests some "quick and painless" techniques that can have "dramatic effects" on search mistakes. Problems include lack of W3C compliance, 301 redirects, using JavaScript in navigation, and lack of best practices in URL structure.

Take, for example, 301 redirects that tell browsers or search engine robots that the page has moved. One common SEO mistake made is to use a 302 redirect rather than a 301 redirect, Easter writes. He provides tips that will allow search engines to transfer PageRank and popularity more easily from old pages to the new ones. - Read the whole story...

NHL, NBA Teams Turn On SEO
The National Hockey League's (NHL's) Thrashers, the National Baseball Association's (NBA's) Hawks and the Philips Arena have signed with Atlanta, Ga.-based Search Discover to improve SEO and measure results, according to Brafton.

Teams are looking to convert better search engine rankings on Google, Microsoft and Yahoo into ticket sales. The post cites a recent article in Search Engine Land that demonstrates the important of SEO for major sporting leagues. People searching for information on events often can't find start times, home game dates and more. - Read the whole story...

Lingerie Brand Heats Up Twitter, Facebook
What would Valentine's Day be like without a little brand-to-consumer bonding on Twitter? British lingerie maker Agent Provocateur doesn't want to know. Through agency StrawberryFrog, Agent Provocateur began using Twitter in December, deploying the platform in tandem with a blog and Web video that launched around the same time. The lingerie company hasn't slowed since, according to Kate Kaye.

Kaye notes that even though Twitter's tweets are about a 140-character chirp, brands find the correct words to have that two-way conversation with consumers. She tells us "the agency is measuring engagement, traffic, sales metrics, and media attention in order to gauge results of the social media efforts." - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Friday, February 13, 2009


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