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Section 2: Around the Net in Search Marketing

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Call SEO Experts Before Developing Site
Search Engine Guide
Planning to launch a new Web site? You might want to call in a SEO expert before developers start coding. Jennifer Laycock likens a public service announcement from her local utility company to the warning she wants to send all businesses thinking about first building and then tapping the SEO expert.

"Call before you dig," the public service announcement says, warning home owners to call the utility company to mark water, gas and other underground lines so you can avoid creating a mess, she writes. Rebuilding costs more than building it right the first time, so she provides an analogy using architects for SEO consultants, and Web developers as general contractors to get her point across. - Read the whole story...

Yields Heat Up Search Industry
Search Engine Journal
The topic of yields has become popular of late. Loren Baker explains how the new service YieldBuild can help Web publishers make more money on ads by finding the optimal combination of ad networks, ad sizes, visual formats, and characteristics. He describes the activation process in detail and provides a video to demonstrate how the ad publisher optimization system works.

YieldBuild offers a free 30-day trial, Baker writes. When the time is up, the company takes 3% of impressions, but you can stop the service at any time. And as YieldBuild learns more about your traffic, it refines ad layouts to maximize clicks and revenue. - Read the whole story...

Analyzing Traffic Spikes Through Motion Charts
Google Analytics Blog
Bounce rates due to redirects. An event sponsorship seems to bring more new visitors. Conversion rate fall to zero. These are the kinds of activities that can cause traffic spikes, according to Jessica Hullman, who explains how to analyze them through motion charts in Google Analytics.

Hullman shows how to navigate the motion chart and look for sudden movement through keywords. She emphasizes her points with a link to a video on YouTube that explains how it all works. "With a little practice, motion charts can become the backbone of all your visual analysis, saving you time and helping optimize your marketing campaigns," she writes. - Read the whole story...

Yahoo Mobile OneSearch Shortcuts
Yahoo Search Blog
Yahoo oneSearch Shortcut for mobile launched earlier this week to provide one-click access on mobile devices running Windows in the United States, according to Joy Ghanekar. She explains that the service integrates voice search. It lets you speak or type the query from the home screen.

Ghanekar describes several other features Yahoo added, such as auto-locate on select devices to deliver local search results based on a combination of cell tower triangulation and Wi-Fi hotspots. You no longer need to type in your address or zip code to access local listings. Similar to the technology Google uses for Latitude, it can pinpoint your approximate location. - Read the whole story...

How Longer Searches Influence Buying Process
Microsoft Live Search
It's important to remember "why" searchers come to a search engine to query. Ramez Naam reminds us searches don't occur in isolation and they are often part of a longer task. Remembering that searchers search for something specific, click on multiple results, perform follow-up searches and then come back in the following days to search on the same topic can help you do a better job at optimizing your site.

Live Search analysis reveals that "46% of the time customers spend on search tasks is on tasks that last half an hour or longer," he writes. What does that mean for webmasters and advertisers, and how does that influence the buying process? Naam tells us in the post. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Wednesday, February 11, 2009


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