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Section 2: Around the Net in Search Marketing

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Search Guru Andrew Goodman Bares It All
SEO Book
Andrew Goodman discusses the second edition of his book "Winning Results with Google AdWords" with Aaron Wall. Topics include what prompted the switch from publishing ebooks to print.

About halfway through the post, Wall starts asking about search-related subjects, such as when it make sense to create ads that get a high click-through rate, to predicting failed business models and staying competitive in pay-per-click for the long term. Goodman also divulges a PPC secret not shared before in a public interview. - Read the whole story...

Signing Away SEO, Meta Tag Copyrights
Who owns the copyrights for the SEO and meta-tag data? Lahle Wolfe warns Web site owners that the company you hire might own the rights, but in most states if you hire someone under a "Work for Hire Agreement," the rights are yours.

Wolfe also provides insight into laws and tips on retaining your rights, and how signing away your rights could become a costly mistake. Not all companies are unscrupulous, but Wolfe tells what happened after a company paid thousands of dollars for SEO work and thousands more for the monthly right to use the meta-data created: "When they canceled their monthly contracts, the SEO companies stripped their entire sites of all meta data." - Read the whole story...

3 Inconvenient Bid Management Truths
Search Engine Land
Andrew Goodman discusses "three inconvenient truths" about bid management automation he believes might make a few "vendors squirm," but help advertisers select the correct tools. Among them: "Delivery control (or budget allocation mechanisms) might be superior, strategically, to bid management."

Goodman dissects how the claims companies make mislead and "underrepresent the depth of strategic insight and experience required to manage an account." The post links to an earlier column on shaky assumptions behind bid management automation tools and the "often incorrect" fundamental assumptions. - Read the whole story...

Search Rules!
Some may ask: Is social media more powerful than search? Rand Fishkin says no. He admits that social media has emerged as the "next big thing," but reminds us the medium has been around for years in eBay, Craigslist, and Friendster.

Fishkin compares the benefits of both social media and search campaigns, noting that while social media is "great for connecting with your users," it can't do what search does: "Answer a direct need precisely when it's requested in a scalable fashion." His list can be helpful when deciding the direction to take your campaigns. - Read the whole story...

How To Migrate Large Web Sites
The small tweaks you make to your Web site to improve performance for users such as a new host or domain name may appear invisible to users but Google, Microsoft and Yahoo will see these changes as major, according to Mike Grehan. Still, e-Consultancy CEO Ashley Friedlein decided to switch to a new host, country and domain name by dropping the hyphen in its name.

In a question and answer interview with Friedlein, Grehan goes through the steps eConsultancy took to migrate the 80,000 page Web site. One of the more difficult projects was to make sure every page on the old site was redirected to its exact, or nearest equivalent, on the new site. The ones with no match got a custom 404 redirect. According to Google's Webmaster Tools, the site had nearly 70,000 inbound links, Friedlein explains, as he steps through the migration process. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Tuesday, February 10, 2009


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