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Section 2: Around the Net in Search Marketing

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8 Answers To SEO Questions
Search Engine Land
Jill Whalen shares answers to eight SEO questions. Among them are, how quickly will Google re-index my pages after I've SEO'd them? What should I do if my rankings drop by 10 pages in the SERPs? And, should my Title tag exactly match the main headline on my page?

Whalen recently appeared on Vanessa Fox's new Webmaster Radio show, "Office Hours," where she discussed increasing search traffic to Web sites. In this post she provides short and insightful answers to make it simple for someone with no previous SEO knowledge to understand. - Read the whole story...

How Images Drive Clicks From Search
The Official Google Blog
Split-second decisions made by searchers looking for quick answers are more often driven by visuals in search engine query results, according to Anne Aula and Kerry Rodden from Google's User Experience Research team. People often make decision so rapidly that they are made unconsciously. The findings come from an experiment using eye-tracking equipment in Google's usability lab.

Google knows that people tend to scan the search results, starting from the first result and continue down the list until they find one they consider helpful and click it. The team provides insight into the research, supporting the theory with images from a heatmap and more to demonstrate the findings. - Read the whole story...

Reducing Risks From Browser Add-Ons
a.k.a. Elpie
Free browser add-ons can help make search engine optimization easier, enhance pay-per-click campaigns, and aid in achieving more from your analytics program. But, it's important to remember they are scripts, and similar to all scripts, security vulnerabilities are possible, according to Lynne Pope, who steps through ways to mitigate risk from bad browser extensions.

Pope reminds us to download scripts from reputable sites and provides details on running add-ons through a security check. So when you're searching for that perfect browser add-on, remember to practice "safe computing," she writes. - Read the whole story...

Link-Building Keys
Search Engine Watch
Ron Jones provides insight on "off-page factors" vital to building links. He believes it's important to start by identifying keywords you want ranked in your Web site copy, especially in the anchor text of your links. An key point, which some beginning SEOers overlook, is: link to the keyword or phrase you want to optimize.

Jones also steps through the process of submitting links to directories, adding a blog, writing articles and press releases, posting on social networking sites, and submitting videos. He provides links to sites such as DMOZ, which he believes is a great resource for mining other directories because it provides information by specific categories and geographic regions. - Read the whole story...

Controlling SEO Targets
Straight Up Search
If you own a business and rely on search marketing chances are you target a specific geographical location. But Leah suggests "it's best to bid on non-geographical keywords for your services like 'lawn care' or 'landscaping services' and geo-target your campaigns to your coverage area."

Leah provides basic advice for setting up national targeted campaigns focused on geographic keywords such as "Dallas lawn care services" or "Dallas area landscaping." Her tips aim to help you define best practices and techniques to attract people "searching for your services in your coverage area, but are not searching within your geo-targeted location." - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Monday, February 9, 2009


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