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Section 2: Around the Net in Search Marketing

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What The Heck Is Search Engine Marketing?
If you're going to use the term, you might as well get it correct. So, let's get one thing straight, SEM isn't pay-per-click (PPC), insists Marty Weintraub, who calls himself a "purist."

We've come a long way in the world of SEM/SEO if experts like Weintraub need to use the phrase "in the old days when search engine marketing was nascent," to explain that SEM meant "all things search engine" and later evolved to imply "all things Internet marketing." But Weintraub doesn't agree with the latter definition. So, he puts his foot down, defines SEM and SEO, and says he hopes others also respect the vernacular. - Read the whole story...

SEO Based On Outdated Techniques
SEO Theory
Is your SEO strategy based on outdated techniques? A few SEO industry influencers have Michael Martinez taking to the keyboard to address concerns about the future of SEO. If you are worried about the future of SEO because keyword optimization has become more difficult, he suggests taking the strategy to the next level and tells you how.

Martinez makes a case for why he believes SEO will remain an important marketing strategy. He provides a few examples by tapping into a few trends like personalized search, universal search, and social media. "As long as there is search, there will always be search engine optimization," he writes, though it may not look like it does today. - Read the whole story...

SEO Mistakes To Avoid
Alex Cristache gives us five SEO mistakes to avoid. They range from ignoring basic search engine guidelines to ignoring title tags to believing that SEO is a one-time process, which is a little like a football player dropping the ball on the way to the goal line.

Interesting that when Cristache serves up tips on basic search engine guidelines he provides links to "two of the most important search engines, Google and Yahoo." Details he offers should serve for a basic refresher course on how to improve traffic and SEO rankings on your site. - Read the whole story...

9 Tips To Improve Conversion Rates
Search Engine People
Know what competitors do to optimize sites, and you if don't feel comfortable doing it yourself, find a polished SEOer and trust the experts. Test at the end of the process. Admit you make mistakes and don't sweep the problem under the rug. Khalid Saleh believes these are some of the nine steps you must take to improve conversion rates.

One of the more out-of-the-box suggestions Saleh provides: "Take your laptop with you to lunch, find someone sitting alone and offer to buy them lunch if they would be willing to show you how they order an item from your Web site." The test will reveal many things about your Web site that you may have been unable to see. - Read the whole story...

Marketers Must Listen
Seems like a no-brainer: You need to understand human behavior to drive marketing decisions. But Aaron Kahlow believes many marketers don't understand that you need to listen to hear what the customer wants. Listening doesn't always mean hearing what clients say. They may not only tell you in words, but also in actions.

You Web site is your core but you can tie in offline advertising. Your social media efforts are the differentiator. And, email and analytics go beyond the click-through and open rates. Expanding on these points, Kahlow provides advice on the best way to focus consumer attention. - Read the whole story...

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