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Section 2: Around the Net in Search Marketing

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Bartering For Links
Search Engine People
The days of trading reciprocal links "willy-nilly" are long gone. Although Googlebot gained intelligence and squashed the free-trading days "into the links netherworld," it doesn't mean you can't barter for links, writes Donna Fontenot, who takes tips from real-world bartering techniques into the online digital world.

Don't think of link bartering as the simple act of trading links with others, but rather "the bartering of services that may naturally lead to links," Fontenot writes. "The key is that links should not be a required aspect of the service trade, but that getting a backlink from the trade would be at least somewhat likely, based on the fact that it would just make sense to do so." Fontenot makes suggestions on how to get started. - Read the whole story...

5 Tips To Close SEO Deals
Search Engine Journal
Talk like you mean business. Act like you've inked the deal. Identify what clients need to know. These are among the five tips Dev Basu provides on pitching and scoring contracts.

In a related link, Basu also provides advice on delivering the perfect client pitch. He reminds us people only absorb and recall about 50% of the information received, 24 hours after processing it. To help potential clients retain and process more of what you tell them about SEO, it's important to have a few key points clients can easily relate to -- among them, case studies of past/present lines and key metrics they understand. - Read the whole story...

How To Choose Specific Keywords
Yahoo Search Marketing Blog
Broad keywords drive traffic to the Web site, but specific keywords more often lead to sales. That recommendation, one in a long list, comes from Yahoo Smart Start Team in a post about building a foundation with strong keywords. If you want to increase conversion numbers, you might want to bid on more specific keywords that contain the brands you sell and even specific model numbers, according to the team.

The post walks you through how customers make the decisions to spend money on specific items, from research to shopping to purchase, and helps you determine the best keywords for your products and services at each point in the process. - Read the whole story...

SEO Tools To Dig For Bargains
Google AdWords
A new free Google tool looks at your Web site content and matches it against Google search queries entered by Google users to provide a list of relevant and actively searched keywords, according to Amanda Kelly. The Search-based Keyword Tool provides and filters a list to remove keywords you already use.

Kelly describes several of the tool's features and steps through the process to use each. Some of those include filters to make it easier to find keywords for the parts of your Web site providing the greatest return on investment. The filters will help you look for bargain terms and categories that best describe specific pages on your site, she writes. - Read the whole story...

Bad Ads Bite Bloggers
Dan Tynan can't see anything wrong with running a few text ads on your blog and pocketing the change. Just be careful with whom you do business, or you could find yourself "lumped in with all the text link spammers on Google's blacklist," he writes. Can you say goodbye to a career in Web 2.0 and hello to a day job at Wal-Mart?

While researching a company called Linkstar for a blog post last week, Tynan came across others that offer to place text ads for its clients on small, low-traffic Web sites. They are nothing more than ad farms masquerading as legitimate sites, for which Tynan provides a list of links, so you can avoid getting on Google's bad side. - Read the whole story...

Hackers Continue To Poison Google Video
Direct Traffic Media
David Finklehorn tells us about the viruses attached to videos on Google Video. Trend Micro sent a warning to users of Google Video that up to 400,000 search queries have been planted with content that leads to malware virus sites. "Hackers are deliberately targeting the big names in the online industry and trading on Google's solid reputation as a reliable search engine which is virus-free," writes Finklehorn. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Wednesday, February 4, 2009


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