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Section 2: Around the Net in Search Marketing

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Yahoo Patent Meant To Automate SEO
SEO by the Sea
If you have ever wondered how Yahoo might automate SEO, then take a look at Bill Slawski's latest post. He dissects a Yahoo patent application published in early January that details how the search engine might automate optimization for search engines. The patent filing provides example on updating page titles, URLs for pages, meta descriptions and meta keywords, alt attributes for images, and headings on pages.

Slawski explains that the patent application details some basic optimization for individual pages, but ignores many technical issues to make sites and pages search-engine-friendly. Yahoo also ignores "the potential for conflict of interest in a search engine also performing search engine optimization," he writes. - Read the whole story...

SEO, Search Engines Failed Super Bowl Fans
Search Engine Land
What did football fans want to know about the Super Bowl prior to Sunday's game? Google Hot Trends reveals 35 of the 100 searches on Sunday include the words "Super Bowl," and another 27 are Super Bowl-related, according to Vanessa Fox.

Fox provides a list of what searchers sought most, but details many problems in search queries retuned on Google, Microsoft Live and Yahoo. Questions about the game drove queries, but when searching for the start time of the game, the search engines either ranked news stories or provided outdated information at the top of the list, she writes. For example, Yahoo lists a page with the 2008 start time as the first result, and that page links to a page about the 2009 start time. - Read the whole story...

Learning From The Kids
Search Engine Guide
Jennifer Laycock's kids have taught her a lot about creating content, building a community and increasing engagement rates for blogs. Among those issues that relate to both raising kids and blogging are short attention spans, reaching out to begin the friendship, and relating to others through similar interests.

Addressing the first topic, Laycock writes, "Anyone who has spent more than 35 seconds with a preschooler knows they have the attention span of a squirrel on crack." Internet users aren't that different. Tweets on Twitter have taught us to communicate in sound bites and many users have no interest in reading more than a few hundred words at a time, for example. By comparing her kids, age two and four, with Internet users, she offers advice to keep those who "flutter" from "blog to blog" close at hand. - Read the whole story...

Travel Search Marketing Poised For Transformation
Search Engine Watch
Marketers in the travel biz who believe they have a handle on target keywords might want to think again, according to Elisabeth Osmeloski. It's no secret the travel industry has been under pressure to make campaigns count, as marketing budgets shrink, competition intensifies, business travel continues to tank, and leisure travelers look for deals.

Osmeloski believes search marketers in the travel biz should consider designing a SEO strategy based on package deals, inclusive prices, and special offers they haven't optimized content around in the past. She explains how to enhance specific keyword text, and tracking, testing and fine-tuning campaigns. Another tip: Don't forget influencers throughout the blogosphere. Some have the influence to link tons of traffic to your sites. - Read the whole story...

Link Love From Russia
Evert Veldhuijzen explains link-buying with a Russian twist. While "link love" from Russia (PR7 links) can save you a few bucks, it could put you in an uncomfortable position with Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. If Google realizes a major part of your anchor text profile is built on links to Russian pages, maybe even containing Cyrillic script, the search giant will penalize your site.

Veldhuijzen offers up screen shots of search queries and rankings to demonstrate his point. He also provides guidelines for building links and anchor text the standard way, through directory submissions, articles, forums postings and social bookmarks. Turning nofollow links into dofollow links, and becoming part of the blog community by visiting and commenting often on blogs you like, are among the tips he suggests. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Monday, February 2, 2009


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