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Section 2-Around the Net in Search: Where's Your 'Google Search Appliance' Contest

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Haiku Marketing On Twitter
aimClear Blog
The process of tweeting on Twitter requires skills similar to writing a haiku. That's how SEO guru Michael Gray "likened" the process of tweeting on Twitter during a brief exchange with Marty Weintraub. Gray tweeted: "the limitations are the challenge and force you to grow like trying to write a haiku."

Weintraub explains the epigrammatic Japanese verse crafted of three short lines for those unfamiliar with haiku. He details the similarities and provides helpful hints on how to communicate clear and concise messages in 140 characters or less. Who would have thought we'd all be writing poetry. - Read the whole story...

Multiword Searches Up
Marketing Pilgrim
Searchers are using more multiword queries, notes Andy Beal, citing stats from a recent Hitwise study. There has also been a significant drop in the number of people using two- and three-word searches.

So, what does this mean for search engine optimization experts? Should you consider SEOing your site differently? Are Google, Yahoo and Microsoft search engines getting better at pinpointing the exact answer to each query as more words are added, or are people getting smarter in the way they use search engines? - Read the whole story...

When Should You Use A Pay-Per-Click Strategy?
Search Engine Journal
Marketers who need an immediate uptick in traffic, have products or services people are looking for online, and have a clear conversion goal may want to look into a pay-per-click strategy. While these are some reasons Brian Carter gives for launching a PPC campaign, he also provides just as many to explain why and when it may not work for you.

Carter also make a few suggestions for alternate media marketers might want to consider prioritizing higher in the list. For instance: "Your niche's competition and CPC is prohibitively high -- in this case, SEO can be very expensive as well, so I'd think Social Media first." - Read the whole story...

Is SEO The Answer In A Tough Market?
Search Engine Watch
Aaron Shear has seen a change in the way marketers at large companies spend money on media buys. Some have moved away from "hard-to-track media buys and television commercials" to more SEO-related projects and online campaigns. The problem is, some marketers don't realize many large agencies lack the experience to provide an accurate quote for SEO services. That puts the burden on marketers to know what to request in proposals, he writes.

Shear shares the type of information marketers should include in the RFP and how it should tie to revenue and traffic, such as training, time spent with the expert, and constant review of traffic trends. Many large companies will follow executive requests, he writes. While some are doable, others are "pipedreams." - Read the whole story...

Where's Your 'Google Search Appliance' Contest
Google Enterprise Blog
Google wants to know if you can find the Google Search Appliance in your workplace. So, the search engine launched a North American contest to learn more about how search is making a difference in your world.

Two lucky winners will receive an all-expense paid trip to the Google IO conference and have a chance to tell their story during an enterprise search session. Other prizes include two HTC Dream phones, and a host of Googleschwag. David Kim provides deadline dates and guidelines. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Wednesday, February 25, 2009


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